Thursday, April 4, 2019

Supernova! Starship Redux

I designed a new ship for my Supernova! explorers. The Scout was too small and the 400-ton Explorer (in Cepheus Light) is just too big for my purposes. I settled on a 200-ton ship. I also wanted to try out the Cepheus Light starship construction rules.

One nice note is that the CE rules use something close to the Book 5 fuel requirements for the Power Plant, which I also use with the Book 2 shipbuilding rules.

Type-E Explorer

Hull: 200-ton streamlined-stealth hull
Engines: Jump-2, Maneuver-2G
Fuel: 48 tons (1 Jump-2 + 8 weeks operation), fuel scoops, fuel processor (20t/day)
Computer: Model/2: Jump-2, Sensor/Jump DM+0
Weaponry: 2x Triple turret (2x beam lasers, 1x missile. 3 smart missiles loaded)  Magazine (1 ton - 12 smart missiles)
Fittings: 15 probe drones, repair drones, Air/Raft, Gig, 8 staterooms, 8 low berths, 8 escape pods, laboratory, medlab, and armory.
Cargo: 29 tons, 24 smart missiles (2 tons)

Cost: 97.69 MCr

I think this is pretty good for a long-range exploration vessel. Comments and thoughts?

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