Friday, February 5, 2016

A Human Sub-Race for LL and AEC: The Seventh-Born

A while ago I started converting magic users from Chivalry and Sorcery to OSR D&D. I created the Primitive Talent magic user, a kind of add-on class that combined with other classes. I really didn't like the design, so I've rewritten it as a human sub-race for Labyrinth Lord and AEC. This allows it to operate without complicating class. The Seventh-Born is a reference to the magical abilities that folk tales give the seventh son of a seventh son, etc.

Human Sub-Race: The Seventh-Born

Requirements: WIS 12

At the dawn of mankind, life was a struggle to survive. Humans had several natural advantages, including intelligence, community, and tools. Magic was one of those tools. Often the seventh child and their descendants could do things others couldn't. In the mists of time, there were no teachers nor books from which to learn spellcraft. These persons gained talents from life experience, not because someone told them how to do it. These are the Seventh-Born. Their heritage remains in humans through the present.

The seventh-born can cast spells, but they cannot learn spells from teachers or books, nor can they create magic items nor research new spells. They do not memorize, but must sleep and meditate to regain spells. They can cast up to their level in spells per day. They can use magic items made by other magic users. A seventh-born does not spend long hours studying spells, so they can be any character class. The initial list of spells a character knows is based on social class:

Yeoman or Serf
Animal Invisibility
Detect Magic
Divine Weather
Protection from Evil
Charm Person (if CHA = 16+)

Detect Magic
Hold Portal
Protection from Evil
Read Languages
Charm Person (if CHA = 16+)

Detect Magic
Protection from Evil
Read Languages
Read Magic
Charm Person (if CHA = 16+)

Detect Magic
Locate Creature
Protection from Evil
Read Magic
Charm Person (if CHA = 16+)

The GM picks (or randomly rolls) an additional spell for every 10,000 XP the character gains. Magic User and Cleric spell lists (and Druid, if using AEC) are eligible. Spells are limited to level equal to half the character's level, rounded up. For example, a level 3 seventh-born fighter can have 2nd level spells.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Random Deity Pantheons

Someone (+Joel Priddy) was asking about random god tables, and I suggested the index of Petty
Gods. I think I'll test out my hypothesis.

d20 = Pantheon size

Meet the Seven Mysterious Beings, pantheon of the Nowallu tribe of Outer Phrenobia.

The Seven Mysterious Beings

  1. Bashiuus - God of wine and merriment, Chaotic (p. 17)
  2. Detriax - Goddess of space junk and derelict hope, Chaotic (p. 37)
  3. Drasheeng - Goddess of drunken misperception, Chaotic (p. 43)
  4. Lady of Rains - Goddess of political corruption and indiscretion, Chaotic (p. 89)
  5. Lord Downall - God of drains and floods, Chaotic (p. 94)
  6. Nanefesterad - God of false friendship, Chaotic (p. 116)
  7. Thwizeviblyz - God of baby laughter, Lawful (p. 170)
Now that's a pantheon that speaks about the culture.

Monday, January 18, 2016

MY OSR Frankenclone

After reading and playing several OSR clones, I've started to piece together the set of rules I'd like to run with for my generic fantasy games. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein, procuring the best parts from various corpses to make his masterpiece monster. So I present to you ...

MY OSR Frankenclone!

Labyrinth Lord as a base

Advanced Edition Companion
  • Character Abilities
  • Races
    • Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Humans
  • Classes
    • Assassins, Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Illusionists, Magic Users, Monks, Paladins, Rangers, Thieves
  • Secondary Skills/Background
  • Multiclassing
  • Spell Lists
    • Magic User, Druid, Illusionist, Cleric

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • Classes
    • Specialists replace Thieves
  • Skills
  • AAC
  • Combat Options
    • Parry
    • Press
    • Defensive Fighting

Theorems and Thaumaturgy
  • Races
    • Fey Elf replaces Elf
  • Classes
    • Sorcerer for Fey Elf (see below)
    • Elementalist?
    • Necromancer?
    • Vivimancer?
    • Expanded Illusionist
  • Magic
    • INT spell bonus for Magic User, Illusionist, and Fey Elf similar to Wisdom Table II
    • Detect Magic as Class Ability?
    • Complicated High-Level Spells
    • Magical Affinities instead of/in addition to Magic User Subclass?

Dyson Logos
  • D12 Subclasses

Delving Deeper
  • Random Terrain
    • Land, Sea, Clouds
  • Random Encounters
  • Strongholds

Wilderness Hexplore
  • Random Features

New Material
  • Races
    • Modify AEC Races using LotFP skill system
    • Feyborn race as Half-Elf replacement, riffing off the Fey Elf
  • Classes
    • Priest class similar to Olympian Priests for non-military clerics
    • Enchanter class
  • Magic
    • Read Magic as Class ability

I'm sure there's more, but this looked like a good base to start from.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

PCs for the Aegean Saltbox

In playtesting my rules for the Aegean Saltbox, I created six characters to run through the random wavecrawl tables, and perhaps The Bad Myrmidon. Perhaps you'd be interested in seeing what the rules produce currently. I decided one of each of Enchanters, Olympian Priests, and Specialists, and three Fighters would be the proper mix.

Let me know what you think, what you like, what doesn't make sense.

Chryseis, Priestess/Mystic, Goddess: Aphrodite
Gender: female
CHA: 14/+1
CON: 7/-1
DEX: 13/+1,
INT: 14/+1
STR: 9
WIS: 13/+1
AC: 12
HD: 1d6 hp /
Cash: 63 sp
Spells: 1/0/0/0/0/0/0
Aphrodite's Beauty: Charm Person once a day
Mystic: can commune with their deity (3 T) and ask one question a day
Stuff: Holy symbol-silver rose, dagger, belt pouch, tinderbox, staff, bedroll
Aphrodite Spells for Level 1: Allure, Bless, Charm Person, Command, Create Water, Cure Light Wounds, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Remove Fear, and Unseen Servant.

Hermippos, Enchanter/Necromancer, God: Hermes
Gender: male
CHA: 16/+2
CON: 8/-1
DEX: 13/+1
INT: 13/+1
STR: 10
WIS: 8/-1
AC: 14
HD: 1d6 hp /
Cash: 41 sp
Necromancer: Speak with Dead once per day.
Stuff: Leather breastplate, greaves/vambraces, staff, 4 daggers

Isocrates, Specialist/Scout, God: Hades
Gender: male
CHA: 12
CON: 9
DEX: 14/+1
INT: 10
STR: 11
WIS: 11
AC: 15
HD: d6 /
Cash: 2 sp
Bushcraft 3
Stealth 3
Search 2
Scout: +1 initiative, +1 Stealth
Stuff: Leather breastplate, leather helmet, greaves/vambraces, 2 daggers, backpack, pouch

Damone, Fighter/Amazon, Goddess: Hera
Gender: female
CHA: 14/+1
CON: 14/+1
DEX: 14/+1
INT: 10
STR: 14/+1
WIS: 5/-2
AC: 17/18
HD: d8 /
Cash: 0 sp
Amazon: add CHA bonus (minimum +1) to AC if no breastplate.
Stuff: Sword, Shield, bronze helmet, greaves/vambraces, bow, quiver, arrows

Myronides, Fighter/Berserker, God: Apollo
Gender: male
CHA: 10
CON: 12
DEX: 8/-1
INT: 9
STR: 15/+1
WIS: 9
AC: 16/17
HD: d8 / 8
Cash: 17 sp
Berserker: can frenzy in battle, +2 to hit, -2 AC for 1 T
Stuff: Bronze breastplate, leather helm, shield, greaves/vambraces, spear

Aristophanes, Fighter/Charioteer, God: Zeus
Gender: male
CHA: 9
CON: 14/+1
DEX: 15/+1
INT: 6/-1
STR: 11
WIS: 12
AC: 18/19
HD: d8 / 8
Cash: 5 sp
Charioteer: +1 hit and damage from chariot, good judge of horses
Stuff: leather breastplate, bronze helm, shield, greaves/vambraces, sword

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Using Lamentations of the Flame Princess skills system with S&W White Box + White Box Omnibus

I really like the LotFP skill system. So I'm seeing how I can use it everywhere. I want to try out +James Spahn's White Box Omnibus for some adventures, take it for a spin. So I'm bringing the LotFP skills along too.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

LotFP uses a few skills.

­ Architecture (1 in 6)
­ Bushcraft (1 in 6)
­ Climb (1 in 6)
­ Languages (1 in 6)
­ Open Doors (1 in 6)
­ Search (1 in 6)
­ Sleight of Hand (1 in 6)
­ Sneak Attack (1 x damage)
­ Stealth (1 in 6)
­ Tinker (1 in 6)

Most classes have a 1 in 6 chance to succeed at these skills.. Specialists get 4 skill points at 1st level and 2 skill points per level after that. They can spend skill points to raise the chance of success in a skill by 1.

Dwarves have Architecture starting at 3 in 6, Elves have Search starting at 2 in 6, and Halflings have Bushcraft starting at 3 in 6 and Stealth at 5 in 6. Their skills (except Halfling Stealth) each go up as they go up in levels.

S&W White Box + White Box Omnibus

White Box Omnibus has a few skills:

Lore for Bards and Scholar Magic Users. Forestry for Druids and Rangers. Stealth for Monks. Thievery for Thieves. In S&W White Box, it describes the following skills for the demihumans: Dwarvish Keen Detection can detect traps, slanting passages, and construction underground, Elvish Keen Detection allows them find hidden doors, and Halfling Near Invisibility allows them to move silently and hide well.

The Proposal

I propose to replace the White Box Omnibus skills with LotFP skills, replace Thieves with the LotFP Specialist, and add Lore to the list of skills. Forestry becomes Bushcraft, Dwarves get Architecture, Elves get Search, and Halflings get Bushcraft and Stealth. Lore is the one skill that starts at 0 in 6 for most players, including Specialists.