Thursday, January 15, 2015

Preview: The Tsolyani Clan/Deity/Region/Occupation Table

My latest Labor of Reverence is a grand random social table for Tsolyánu. Using it, with a few die rolls, one can randomly determine a character's clan, deity, geographic region, and clan occupation. This will eventually end up in Heroic Age of Tekumel.

Preview: Tsolyani Clan/Deity/Region/Occupation Table

Roll d100
Very Low Status Clans
01        Emerald Circlet: Entertainers. Rumored to be thieves and dealers in drugs, poisons, etc.
            Region: use Tsolyánu Location Table
            Deity: Roll d100:
                 01-45  Dlamelish
                 46-82  Hrihayel
                 83       Hnalla
                 84       Dra
                 85       Karakan
                 86       Chegarra
                 87       Thumis
                 88       Ketengku
                 89       Belkhanu
                 90       Qon
                 91       Avanthe
                 92       Dilinala (if male, take Avanthe)
                 93       Hru’u
                 94       Wuru
                 95       Vimuhla
                 96       Chiteng
                 97       Ksarul
                 98       Gruganu
                 99       Sarku
                 100     Durritlamish
            Clan Occupation: Roll d6:
                 1    Panderer
                 2    Prostitute
                 3    Dancer
                 4    Juggler
                 5    Acrobat
                 6    Roadside entertainer

02   Wicker Image: Cleaners, both domestic and civic.
            Region: use Tsolyánu Location Table
            Clan Occupation: Roll d6:
                 1    Latrine cleaner
                 2    Sewer worker
                 3    House sweeper
                 4    Street cleaner
                 5    Bather of corpses
                 If Bather of corpses, roll d6:
                      1-3  Belkhanu
                      4-6  Qon
                 Otherwise, use Tsolyáni Deity Table.

 I will let you know when it's done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bag of Requirement

Over on the They Might Be Gazebos blog, +Chuck Thorin described a Bag of Wonders, where you can pull one item from per day, using 20 random items on notecards (anything from string to evil artifacts).

I put that together with the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter to create the Bag of Requirement.

Bag of Requirement

This normal-looking leather sack allows the user to remove from it one item that is needed at the time once per day. If the item is handheld, mundane, and on the normal equipment list, the user may name it and draw it from the bag. After the item is no longer needed, the user places it back in the bag. If the item is broken while using it, the pieces must be put back in the bag. If the item is not put back in the bag, a new item cannot be taken out the next day.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Holiday Gifts

I rarely get much in the way of holiday gifts and this year was no exception. So, I usually buy myself a few gaming things as a treat. This year I went a little crazy. Here is the final tally:

MARS: Savage World Edition PDF Bundle including main rulebook, seven adventures, one sandbox, and military rules.

Sunken City Omnibus for DCC. Four adventures in paper.

Mead & Mayhem tavern sourcebook PDF.

Dungeon World, Truncheon World, Funnel World, and Adventures on Dungeon Planet all in PDF. 

Obscene Serpent Religion in paper.

The Metamorphica in paper.

Tomb of the Sea Kings in paper.

Seven Voyages of Zylarthen in four volumes in paper.

Ruins of the Undercity, WIZARDS MUTANTS LASER PISTOLS! compendium, Bad Myrmidon all in paper.

Warriors of the Red Planet in paper.

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery in hardcover.

Narcosa in hardcover.

Tower of the Stargazer, Death Frost Doom, A Red & Pleasant Land all in paper.

Subscriptions to Crawl! and Crawljammer DCC fanzines, plus back issues of both.

This listing doesn't count Slumbering Ursine Dunes, which I bought from the Kickstarter campaign, and No Salvation for Witches, which was from an Indiegogo campaign.

So, yeah. I kinda went overboard. But I feel well gifted. So of the best haven't even arrived yet, so I get more package-opening happiness.

So far, my favorite is Warriors of the Red Planet. This is a great reskin of D&D for Barsoom or any sword and planet setting. The classes are Fighting Man, Mentalist, Scoundrel, and Scientist. It gives some nice random tables for ruins and encounters divided by terrain, and otherwise is an excellent game. And though it's listed as a Beta, I have found very little to warrant that label. It's totally playable right now.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My new Sword and Planet Resources page

I picked up a copy of Warriors of the Red Planet, a sword-and-planet roleplaying game by Thomas Denmark and Denmark Studios. Now I have the Barsoom, sword and planet thing going. So, I put together a list of sword and planet resources. You can find it below or in the left navbar.

Sword and Planet Resources


Monday, December 29, 2014

Wilderness Locations of the Regifting

Last January, I gave away a copy of The Gnomes of Levnec, if people commented on my post with a description of a wilderness location. I never collected all those descriptions into a new post. So, I'm remedying that now.

Wilderness Locations

  1. The trees parted to reveal a golden meadow, glowing in the light of the stars.
  2. A jagged boulder rising out of the bushy landscape, on top of which is a pool of rainwater that never seems to run dry no matter how long between rains, where on magical occasion sprites and pixies can be seen at play.
  3. In the center of a lush valley laid an enormous rock the likes of which have never been seen heretofore.  The sections of the rock that are not covered with vegetation gleam like the eye of a lusty old man in shades of violet and yellow.  Signs of worship can be seen around it and small altars have been set up that appear to crush sacrifices to death.
  4. Near an overgrown orchard of pale and mottled fruits floats an ornate mahogany door that rattles in the wind.
  5. Under the dark boughs, against the rough bark, upon the needle-covered sward, the flesh-withered skeleton sat and smiled.