Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Traveller: Supernova -- The Scout Ship

I'm starting a classic Traveller campaign (described here) where the crew is exploring after a nearby supernova event. I've been putting my prep notes here.

A few years ago when I was prepping to run a similar campaign online, I redesigned the Scout/Courier slightly using the High Guard fuel rules (posted here).

Then two weeks ago when I started gathering the resources to prep this, I found my copy of the Steve Jackson Games' Sulieman-Class Scout/Courier deck plans. In that set, they give three variant Suleiman Class scouts: the Seeker mineral survey ship, the Detached variant with 6 staterooms, and the VIP courier with a master suite instead of two staterooms.

Today I give you the modified Detached Scout/Courier using the same house rule as my previous design.

Detached Scout/Courier (Type S)

TL-9, 100-ton hull-streamlined, Jump-2, Maneuver-2, Power plant-2, fuel scoops, 24 tons of fuel tankage, 8-week operating range, bridge, computer model 1-bis, 1 hardpoint, 1 triple turret, 6 staterooms, 2 emergency low berths (each holds 4), Air/raft, and 9 tons of cargo. MCr 30.51 (with standard design discount).

The original design allocated the extra fuel space to cargo and an emergency low berth for up to four people. This design adds two berths and an additional emergency low berth for a total of eight people.

This is the ship my player get to explore the local area.

(Edited: I've changed my mind about giving them this ship. I've designed a 200-ton Explorer class ship here: Supernova! Starship Redux.)

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  1. I'm always thrilled to see more CT games happening, have a blast!

  2. does the air filtering system still leave some interesting odors? (I seem to recall that the Scout had issues with the air systems)

    Glad to see another Traveller game shaping up!

  3. Yes, they still have a weak air system. Though this isn't an old ship.