Friday, May 9, 2014

Modified Scout/Courier (Type S)

So, one of my house rules is that the Book 2 ship design system uses the Book 5 fuel requirements for power plants, namely Power plant fuel = 0.01MPn, where M is the hull size of the ship and Pn the the power plant number. I figure if the Book 2 rules are for "off-the-shelf" ships, the fuel consumption would be the same as for custom ships.

So here I present my updated standard Scout/Courier (Type S), using these house rules.

Scout/Courier (Type S)

TL-9, 100-ton hull-streamlined, Jump-2, Manuever-2, Power plant-2, fuel scoops, 24 tons of fuel tankage, 8 week operating range, bridge, computer model 1-bis, 1 hardpoint, 1 double turret, 4 staterooms, 1 emergency low berth (holds 4), Air/raft, and 18 tons of cargo. MCr 29.52 (with standard design discount).

The extra space was allocated to cargo and an emergency low berth for up to four people.


What do you think?

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