The Macchiato Monsters Collection

Macchiato Monsters (MM) is a rules-light freeform fantasy game designed for fast and easy play. It's also very flexible and can easily be hacked for other genres. 

Acquiring the Game

Macchiato Monsters (DriveThru PDF and POD)

Genre Supplements for Macchiato Monsters

Americano Anomalies by Tore Nielsen

They’ve got more than thirty kinds of frappuccino in here, and one block over they don’t have clean water. The rules are breaking down, and the city is full of wonders. Things you imagine. Things you try to ignore. Things that were forced into unreality before history began.

And you’re in the thick of it. 

Trying to make rent through DIY thaumaturgy. Trying to make the maggot people and the deathshades respect the Laundry Room Ceasefire. Trying to make gentrification feel less like a drunk fox hunt hurtling through your home.

Reality rots. Never a dull moment.

The setting is 21st century urban USA, even if it only bears a fleeting resemblance to any real place. The strange, the monstrous, and the surreal are there, barely bothering to stay out of sight.


Caffeine vs. Decaf by Dani Cox

For Old West games.

Caffeine versus Decaf by Dani Cox.pdf

Cappuccino Cowboys by Guillaume Jentey

A western setting with an inkling of magic for Macchiato Monster, something between Deadlands and Wild Wild West, yippee!

CAPPUCCINO COWBOYS by guillaume jentey.pdf

Espresso Eighties by Tore Nielsen

Everybody loves the Eighties, right? This list lets you visit the Eighties of TV series and Hollywood movies. It takes inspiration from Ghostbusters, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live!, The Exorcist III, RoboCop, Rambo, Repo Man, Commando and so many more. In other words action, with a side order of science fiction, horror, or pulp.

Espresso Eighties by Tore Nielsen.pdf

Frappuccino FutureFight by Tore Nielsen

The future isn’t all that great. Sure were have colonized several planets in the next solar system over, but London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Boston are underwater, and the short nuclear exchange of 2019 has left large areas devastated.

Fuck all that though. The Match is all over the Feeds, and huge amounts of money change hands in the business that is murder as a team sport. A Match is an annual carnival of carnage, descending without warning upon a shantytown, an arcology, or an asteroid. Droid-cams capture every shot, blow, and explosion to the thrill of billions.

The contestants are the desperately poor, the desperately bored, and the pros, backed by anonymous megacorp shareholders. Then there are people like the Causers who feel that bloodsport is the ideal spotlight for droids’ rights, neo-objectivism, or organic produce. Finally, there are rumors of Devas, ultra-rich transhumans, taking a murder-vacation uploaded into a bespoke meatbag.

The prize is the usual. Fame, riches, a sky-habitat of your own. A way out of homelessness, out of the asteroid boom town, out of your flesh. A pony.

Tool up, you scum!

Frappuccino FutureFight by Tore Nielsen.pdf

Maragogype Modern by Tore Nielsen

Here are some equipment lists for a game taking place roughly between the Great War and the beginning of rock’n’roll. Pulp, noir, jazz-era horror, war drama, or alternate histories set in the mid-20th century.

Maragogype Modern by Tore Nielsen.pdf

Moka Mechanoid Z by Quentin Forestier

It is the year 20MM. After the great bean war, earth has been reduced to a dry land and desert where only few humans have survived. Hidden in forbidden facilities, they resist against the remains of an enormous robotic corporation lead by a deviant robot. Enslaving humanity and intelligent IA since the end of the war. Protected behind a wall and a gigantic robot army. The Corporation seeks rebels and mondial domination.

You play a rebel human or freewill robot being fighting for freedom against, Corporation surveillance patrol, anti-humans robots, and mechanical abominations.

Scavenge remnant cities and ruined factories for a solution to end this war. May you find peace for humanity.

MMZ by Quentin Forestier.pdf

Red Tie Tigers! by Norbert G. Matausch

A scratching noise from the porch. Barely audible. The heat in Bangkok is brutal at this time of the year, so you slept light anyway. Another noise from the porch. Doesn’t belong here. It sticks out of the usual pollution like a thai boxer’s broken shin bone through flesh. You shake your head to clear away the grey clouds of last night’s many shots of Sang Som. Easy now, easy. You get out of your bed, slowly. Now: footsteps outside. The typical sound a credit card makes when it’s swiped through a cheap door lock.

You are on your feet now. Traditional thai boxing stance, with your rear right leg bearing about three quarters of your body weight. Your fists held high. Front left leg slightly touching the ground. Someone is turning the doorknob now. The door opens slowly. Kao Loy: You jump, your left arm and leg swinging forward and giving you momentum so you can drive your right flying knee right into the door. You crash through the thin wood, someone screams, then you land. You knocked the first intruder out cold.

You hear a click behind you.

Red Tie Tigers! is a Macchiato Monsters setting for Thai action films.

RedTieTigers by Norbert G. Matausch.pdf

Rick Newdawn and the Robusta Robots by Guillaume Jentey

We are far away in the future: in the year 1999!

There is peace on Earth because men and women of our blue planet are smart and beautiful.

But sometimes, they have to fight against giant creatures or creations made by mad scientists... but you know: that’s life!

Science is almighty, you can do what you want if there is "atomic" or another word with "ic" in the name of your creation.

We can find other races on every planet of the Solar System: Communists on Mars and Nazis on the Moon. And maybe some beautiful and dangerous Amazons on Venus. And it's simple to go to the other side of the galaxy as it's simple to cross a road.

You are in the future of the movies and the pulps of the 50's and 60's !

A retro SF setting for MMzero to play vintage space adventures.

Robusta Robots by Guillaume Jentey.pdf

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