The Warriors of the Red Planet Collection

Tekumel during The Latter Times

Running Tékumel during The Latter Times Using Warriors of the Red Planet


Androids and Gynoids for The Latter Times on Tekumel

Characters (these are for a con game I'm prepping)

Vew Cho-Gho, 3rd level Scientist

Trala Ur-Footh, 3rd level Scientist

Nyfmar-11, 3rd level Scoundrel Gynoid

Thikhor Fardrom, 3rd level Scoundrel

Ghoff Oghumi, 3rd level Fighting Man

T'chk Xaks, 3rd level Pe Choi Fighting Man

Bila Mikhacho, 3rd level Fighting Woman

Gormad Prawt, 3rd level Fighting Man

Mnurm Xythro, 3rd level Mentalist

Sy Thryst, 3rd level Mentalist

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