Lorimyr Campaign


Lorimyr started as my Chivalry and Sorcery fantasy game. When I adopted GURPS as my game of choice, I translated most of Lorimyr to GURPS.

Lorimyr is a constructed planet. The god Belkar discovered how to create his own pocket dimension. He created the world from the chaos within that dimension. He built it as a large flat plane, roughly square. He populated it with life forms magically transported from other dimensions. Humans predominate.

My campaign focused on an area of small continents and numerous islands and archipelagos. At least a dozen different cultures occupy the region with diverse government types. Lots of chances for intrigue and adventuring.

This world has Normal Mana, with scattered pockets of Very High to No Mana. Magic use is fairly common. Most small towns have a mage of some sort, and some hedge mages live in the countryside.

Most of the action occurred in Illyria and Hysander, a couple of feudal nations on different continents. Some also occurred in the Multiversity at Braefire on a remote island in the north. Unwin the Warped of the West, Dan Chalmers, Menelyr and Bothra are from this campaign. Actually, Unwin originally came from a friend's C&S campaign. Dan Chalmers started in Bill Seurer's TFT campaign. When those campaigns ended, I moved them into Lorimyr, after translating their characters to C&S or GURPS.

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