The Tékumel Collection

Tekumel: The World of the Petal Throne
The official Tekumel site

Tékumel FAQ
Last updated December 2014.

Tékumel Publishing History
This is a brief history of the official versions of rules for Tékumel.

Tékumel Publication Index
A bibliography of Tékumel publications.

Tékumel Article Index
A bibliography of Tékumel magazine and fanzine articles.

Tékumel Background Material

The History of Tékumel
Tens of thousands of years of history condensed into a page.

Timeline Summary
30 millennia of Tékumel history

Detailed Tékumel Timeline
Shawn Bond's detailed timeline compiled from many official sources.

Nonhumans of Tékumel
The alien nonhumans races of Tékumel are strange indeed.

The Five Empires of Tékumel
Mighty empires big enough to challenge Imperial Rome or China. A backdrop for intrigue on Tékumel.

Maps of Tékumel

Tékumel Summary
A two-page summary, meant to be handed out at cons where I'm running games.

Introduction to Tékumel
An extensive 46-page introduction to Tékumel and Tsolyáni society by Don Kaiser.

Tékumel Languages

Writing Systems of Tékumel
Showing the scripts of some of the languages of Tékumel.

Universal Language Dictionary
This site includes Tsolyani

Pseudo-Tsolyáni Word Generator
Takes Tsolyani words and generates words that are similar.

Fonts of Tékumel

Tsolyáni Pronunciation Tape
This tape was included with the Tsolyani Language books.

Tékumel Rules

The Petal Hack
This game is built from The Black Hack, a new game loosely based on original D&D. Everything is an attribute check. Character generation is easy and it plays fast. This has been called the best starter game for Tekumel. It provides everything you need, including an adventure.

Heroic Age of Tékumel
I wrote this game to be the descendant or perhaps the second edition of Empire of the Petal Throne. It uses modernized rules like Ascending Armor Class.

GURPS Tékumel
My on-going project to make a complete GURPS game. Development is currently on hiatus.

TFT Tékumel (The Fantasy Trip)
My draft of rules for using The Fantasy Trip from Metagaming Concepts to play in Tékumel. My plans are to turn this into a complete game called Glory and Empire, using Warrior and Wizard, a TFT clone.

EPT to GURPS Translation
My translation of Empire of the Petal Throne characters to GURPS.

EPT to T:EPT Translation
My translation of Empire of the Petal Throne to the Guardians of Order's Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne.

Other Rules for Tékumel
RQ, AD&D, D&D 3E, FUDGE, Talislanta, D6, Savage Worlds, and many more, plus extras for the official systems.

Tékumelani Characters 
GURPS, T:EPT, and Swords and Glory/Gardásiyal characters.

Tekumel Adventures and Campaigns

Using Warriors of the Red Planet RPG

Stop wringing your hands and start playing!
My advice to people wanting to start a Tékumel campaign.

They keep saying there are no Tékumel adventures
A survey of adventures on the Web.

Tékumel Adventures Index
As many Tékumel adventures as I could find available for free on the Web.

Random Charts

Tsolyáni Family Charts
Everyone likes random charts, right? So how many parents and siblings does your character have?

Quick and Dirty Clan Status for Tékumel
A little chart for determining your character's clan status.

Amulets for EPT
Originally published in Journal of Tékumel Affairs

Random Tubeway Car Stations
Random charts for generating a quick tube car station and environs.

Ancient Technological Device Malfunction Table
What happens when you find a laser pistol in the Underworld?

Random Appearance Charts for Tékumel
What does my priestess of Sárku look like when she's not wearing her skull face makeup?

Online Resources

Mailing lists, Google+, Facebook, and Yahoo!

Roleplaying in the World of Tékumel
A talk from Jeff Dee, author of Bethorm, on roleplaying on Tékumel from Celesticon 2015

The ABCs of Tékumel
An amusing introduction to Tékumel.

My Tékumel Blog Posts

My History with Tékumel

The Tékumel Community: A History
A history of the Tékumel fan community.

The Jakállan Underworld
A description of the original Jakállan Underworld by Barker.

Ancient Eye Testing Procedure
Hey! We just found six Eyes in the Underworld. How do we figure out what they are?

Chumétl Recipe
Mmmm, spicy Chumétl on a hot Jakállan day. Nothing's better!

The Tékumel Blogosphere: Miniatures
A survey of Tékumel miniatures blogs.

The Tékumel Blogosphere: Miscellanea
A survey of miscellaneous Tékumel blogs.

Delving in the Underworld
An offering of Tékumel items gleaned from the Web.

45 male names, 45 female names, and 95 lineage names.

Floorplan of a Tubeway Car Station
I've started drawing maps.


Barry Blatt's blog with occasional Tekumel content.

John Till's blog about Tekumel and his Fate of Tekumel rules.

The Pewter-Pixel Wars
Tekumel miniatures, books, and games.

Fan Sites

Nick Brooke's Tekumel Site

A French site

A History of Roleplaying
Part Two of a five-part RPG history talks about EPT.

Museum of Roleplaying Games: Tekumel Wing
Bob Dushay's site

The Inner Sphere
Barry Blatt's Tekumel Site

Tekumel Collecting
A site about collecting Tekumel figures and books.


'Twas the Night Before Chitlásha
A little holiday cheer

Tekumeláni Haiku
Captured from a courier from the Temple of Dra.

Tekumeláni Limericks
These might have to be buried in the salt flats outside Penom.


This mailing list from the 1990s has questions about Tekumel and responses from Professor Barker. Use the Blue Room Search Engine to find things.
Two years of postings to the newsgroup, a period that was fairly active.

Shadowlands BBS
A BBS run by James Roach in the 1990s. He posted session reports of his Tekumel game.

Tekumel Digest
This was my first online mailing list for Tekumel.

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