Other Rules for Tékumel

 Tékumel: Empire of the Petal Throne (Guardians of Order)

Gardásiyal (TOME)

Swords and Glory (Gamescience)

Empire of the Petal Throne (TSR)

Humanspace Empire (The Drune)

  • Humanspace Empires: Adventuring in the Humanspace Empire, before the Time of Darkness. A very cool set of rules based on EPT.

Tirikélu (Dave Morris Shareware)

Kashtlanmüyal (The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder)

  Tsoludhaliyal -- Cinematic and Social Adventuring on Tekumel

  • system that focuses on the social networks of characters by Alexander Stojanovic.

GURPS Conversions (Steve Jackson Games)

The Fantasy Trip Conversion (Metagaming)

FUDGE Conversion (Grey Ghost Press)

RuneQuest Conversion (Chaosium)

TORG Conversion (West End Games)

AD&D Conversion (Wizards of the Coast)

D&D 3rd Ed. Conversion (Wizards of the Coast)

  • D&D 3rd Ed. conversion by Sammy Grimes in zipped Word format.
  • D&D 3rd Ed. conversion by contributors from the Tékumel community, including Nick Bogan, Louise Hayes, Scott Maxwell, Brion Oliver and Victor Raymond.

Freeform Rules

Chronicles of Talislanta Rules (Bard Games)

OpenD6 Rules (West End Games)

Savage Worlds (Pinnacle)

Fantasy Craft (Crafty Games)

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