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Teka of the Crashing Waves, Warrior-mage from the Nyemesel Isles

Warrior-mage from the Nyemesel Isles, Companion of Vrikhan

Teka grew up in a family of the priest class in the Nyemesel Isles. The priests in this culture own everything, and the commoners are merely their employees or serfs. She went to the best schools and joined the priesthood as an Acolyte when she was 16. Her natural beauty made her an ideal candidate for performing the rituals of Mretten, and the temple soon had her learning the liturgy as well as theology. At nineteen, she was initiated as a priestess and attached to an Ecclesiarch's staff. During this time, she worked to learn magic, getting instruction from the resident priest specializing in psychic spells.

She also met an employee of the Ecclesiarchs, his head bodyguard. This accomplished warrior was very handsome and charming, though a commoner. He flirted with Teka, and she began to take notice of him. One day after she had finished her studies into the arcane arts, she went to the bodyguard's quarters. She convinced him to teach her how to use a weapon even though it would be greatly frowned upon. They began secretly meeting late at night or during times when everyone was occupied to teach her the intricacies of fighting with warhammer and shield.

One night after a particularly vigorous session, Teka was panting hard from working out in the empty storeroom deep in the Ecclesiarch's house. They embraced and made passionate love all night. They continued their training sessions as well as their sexual relationship. Eventually, they were discovered by the Ecclesiarch (though not before she learned quite a bit of maceplay), the guard was nearly beaten to death in front of her, and fired. His injuries were enough to practically ruin him as a warrior. She was horrified by the occurance, consumed by the unfairness of it, until that night she had a dream. In this dream, the goddess Mretten came to her and showed her in plight of commoners in the Isles. At that moment, Teka vowed to live like a commoner and earn her way in the world, without the privilige and rank she had inherited.

She fled the Ecclesiarch, though not before stealing his prized possession, an Excellent Ruby Eye. She hid in the port until she could stowaway on a ship, which happened to be traveling to Haida Pakala. She was discovered some days into the voyage, and she convinced the captain to take her on as a guard until they reached port.

When she got to the Haida Pakalan port, she got out and hired herself out as a bodyguard. Between her fairly decent mace skills, and some conveniently useful psychic magic, she was successful. On one pirate voyage, she met Vrikhan of Goralu, a Haida Pakalan mage attached to one of the pirate-princes. He learned most of his magic from the temple of She Who Strides the Wind in return for becoming a priest to carve and place the runed stones on the beach.

Initially, they bickered and taunted each other, arguing about tactics in battle while the battle is going on. Finally, during one huge row over a nearly fatal battle, Vrikhan kissed her, and they ended up in bed having incredible make up sex. They've been business partners ever since. Right now, Vrikhan has decided to seek his fortune and not come back until he's a wealthy man. Teka is with him, and they're staying in Birriku's in Jakalla. Vrikhan is actually married, and his wife and her daughter by a previous marriage (she's a widow) live in Haida Pakala, well cared for by the pirate-prince. She and Teka know of each other, and are okay with the arrangement.

The Ecclesiarch wants her and his eye back. He has special plans for her if he ever finds her.

Appearance: 5'10", 130 lbs., pretty
Clan:priest class
Clan Status:High
Lineage Status:High
Current Location:Nyemesel Isles / Jakalla / city
Birth Date/Age:25
Occupation:warrior/mage bodyguard


Warhammer, one-handed
Small shield
Light armor
High-status clothing and personal items
Religious text?
Excellent Ruby Eye (14 charges, counter), stolen from Ecclesiarch, he wants it back.

System = T:EPT


Fast Play Value:12
Health Points:45
Shock Value:9

Magic Resistance:6
Energy Pool:33
Money:50 K

Attributes (12)

Highly Skilled/2
Magic Ability/1
High Pedhetl/2
High Lineage/1
Attractive (Exquisite face and head)/1

Defects (6)

Clanless Foreigner/3
Vow (commoner)/1
Secret (stole something)/1


Language (Pe'e, both)/1
Language (Pe'e, spoken)/1
Language (Hijajai)/1
Language (Tsolyani)/0
Knowledge (Nyemesel Isles)/2
Etiquette (high clan)/1
Etiquette (priesthood)/1
Occupation (priest)/1
Occupation (bodyguard)/1
Rituals (Mretten)/1
Theology (Mretten)/1
Mace (One-handed)/1
Out-Manuever (Mace)/1
Magic, Psychic/1

Spells (32)

Control of Self
     Increased Power/2
     Increased Area/1
     Increased Duration/1

Resources (90)

Plot Item (Excellent Ruby Eye/14 charges, Ecclesiarch-nemesis) (85)
Cash/50 K (5)

System= Heroic Age


Fighting Level:1
Casting Level:3
HD:3d6+6 / 18
XP (+5%):
Skill Points:13
Spell Pool:5
Cash:50 K

Skills (13)

Priest (INT)
Etiquette (CHA)
Sex Appeal (CHA)
Dagger (STR)
Axe/Mace (STR)



Spells (5) (PSY)

Control of Self (1)
Ascertainment of Foes (1)
Domination of Persons (1)
Terrorization (1)
Clairvoyance-Clairaudience (1)

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