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Ian MacBruann, Celtic Warrior

Ian MacBruann is a Celtic warrior from Northern Belgae. Though ugly and rough-tongued, his physical prowess, intelligence and bravery have earned him a place in the Companions of the Silver Blade, a fraternal group of heroic adventurers. At a festival or other special occasion, Ian would make quite an impression in his exquisite kilt, girdle, brat, boots, and horned helmet of the Tuatha De Danaan, all gifts from the King Niall, and the beautiful tattoos around his right eye.

History and campaign notes

Ian was born in northern Belgae, first of three children to a Flaith blacksmith/armorer. Though ugly and rough-tongued, his physical prowess, intelligence and bravery earned him some respect before he left his family to adventure. He participated in the first battle between the Belgae and the Red Branch. Thereafter, he followed the Companions of the Silver Blade. During that time, they rescued the sons of the Trynovantian filid from the Iceni, they rescued Naressa, daughter of Nuada from the Selgovae wedding, after which they participated in the Beltane festival with Niall and Nath. At this point, he was accepted as a Companion of the Silver Blade. The second battle against Ulster and the Red Branch followed, during which he:

  • fought against Conn
  • killed Donegil MacFinn, nephew of the ri ruirecht of the Red Branch, and lost his right eye in the process,
  • the eye was replaced by the Eye of a Hero by the druid.

In the battle two days later, he followed Beldbecht, and needed the Chalice to survive. During the trip back to Brigantes, in Connaught, a great storm was abated, a troll was fought, the troll's lair was an old druid's temple, "the pass, the big bang, and the sacrifice", the satyr and the harpess (the wandering call of nature), and the fallen star. The great warrior-wight of Teutates, Padwir, one fo the first warriors across the ocean, fairy lover whose soul was in a tree, and the kashel of Iceni - Magnovantes, and the ambush of Icenian followers. Once back in Brigantes, the parade through the kashels of Brigantes, the book is returned to the cloud giant, the unnatural snowstorm, the investing of the kashel taken by the Belgae, the meeting with the norsemen from the cloud giant's castle, the shade presense, he met Yrsa (Yahoo!), 200 norsemen join us, the big battle - Fomors and Belgae from the southeast. I was one of Beldbecht's eight captains with 1000 men under my command.

C&S Character

5'11" 160 lbs, age: 26
7th level warrior/hero (95,000 + 10%)
Neutrally-aspected Aries (born April 21).
Northern Belgae
Son of flaith blacksmith/armorer
First of three children, 'Good' child
Worships Ogma

Appearance: bald, left eye green, right eye steel-grey (Eye of a Hero), tanned complexion, smiling expression, freckles, upturned eyebrows, sparse brown mustache, tattoos on arms, legs, and around right eye, left-handed, medium voice.

Characteristics: musophobia, claustrophobia, excellent eyesight, honest, heavy drinker, especially wine, gambler, especially dice and any wager involving Carabus (another PC).

Command character: eager for glory, rash, and generally insubordinate (+2 + CL).

Languages: Belgaen, Brigantean, Trynovantean, Pidgeon Nordic.
Learning: Icenian, Gaelic.

Dexterity:        17
Strength:         17
Constitution:   14
Appearance:     6
Bardic Voice:    5
Intelligence:    17
Wisdom:          19
Charisma:        9
Alignment:       14
Bravery:           16

Body:                                 24
Fatigue:                             39
Carrying Capacity:             352 lbs.
Personal Combat Factor:   17.5
Military Ability:                 8.9
Command Level:               4
Basic Influence Factor:       27
Honor points:                      270
Status points:                      15
Language:                           35


money: 8 gold, 4 silver talents (worth 10 ag each), 6 silver; 5 oz. silver arm ring, 3 oz. gold broach (Teutonovix), medallion-broach of the Companions
+3 steel war axe, forged by Brigantes smith under the direction of Angenecht.
brace (3) of +2 javelins
shield, oak, leather, iron-bound, gold wash design, ogams of missle defense
sharpening stone, bedroll, flint, steel, tinder, personal hygiene items
samite tunics, horsehair brat, low, black calfskin boots
Belgae suit of clothes
Tuatha de Dadann raiment: gift of Niall and Nath, girdle, brat, kilt, boots, horned helmet
leather breastplate, iron cap
War Axe5+1932.5+3LH

Weapons:BlowsxWDF% Parry% HitCrit
Dodge bonus:
Active shield parry:
Bash bonus:


Carrying Capacity:
Average Speed:
Max Speed:
Superb medium warhorse, Trynovantean
750 lbs.
115 miles
16 MPH
28 MPH

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