Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Tekumel Game Report

So a friend of a friend contacted me to GM a T:EPT game for his 50th birthday. I agreed and since three of his players had no experience with Tekumel, I used Michael Cule's 'Welcome to Jakalla' article from the Eye of All-Seeing Wonder #1 as the tribal setup and then inserted my own mission into the Jakallan Tsu'urum (courtesy of the original Jakalla Underworld maps) to steal recover a powerful magic item from the Temple of Hru'u (red 64-68).

Their first armed conflict involved destroying a group of Qol, after the foolhardy brave Master of the Hunt shouted down the corridor at them.

They managed to get out only losing half their slave torch bearers and with only moderate injuries. The Chest of the Topaz God was retrieved, and they ended up with several thousand Kaitars worth of gems and Hru'u icons.

Everyone had a good time. They all said they would play again, and the notion of playing every year on his birthday came up. In other words a big success!

My compensation was wonderful: a bottle of good port (Graham's 10 Year Tawny Porto). I shared some with the players, most of whom had never tasted port.