Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adventure help

I'm coming back to adventure building after a long hiatus, and I don't feel like I was ever that good at it to begin with. I pulled a couple books out of my library and wondered what the opinion of the assembled minds were of them before I commit time to reading them.

The first is Dungeon Master's Design Kit by Harold Johnson and Aaron Allston from AD&D 1E. It is an adventure design kit that has three parts -- Book 1: Adventure Design, Book 2: Forms Book, and Book 3: Adventure Cookbook. The forms are sheets for planning out your villians, and other aspects of the adventure.

The second book is the Dungeon Builder's Guidebook by Bruce Cordell for AD&D 2E.

Any thoughts? Useful to read? Total crap?

Are there more useful books? I've heard the AD&D 1E DMG has good advice.

Speak up, please.