Sunday, July 29, 2012


Well, due to technical difficulties, I missed the first night of the Traveller game. I couldn't remember my Mac admin password, and therefore couldn't install Google video plug-in to Safari. I also couldn't get sound working on my laptop. Now I have Google video installed. The game is alternating between Thursdays, which I can't attend due to a standing date with my Dad and son, and Fridays that I can usually show up for. The GM has arranged things so that shuffling characters in and out is pretty easy on a game by game basis.

In other news, our Swords and Wizardry game has restarted. The last session we killed three of the zombies that spanked our asses last time and killed one of our party. And we got some booty!

I'm also putting together a couple of games for a local con, Con of the North. This will be my first time attending for Steve Jacksons Games' con support team The Men in Black for about five years. I ran countless games at a few cons over the years prior to that, and then took a hiatus for personal reasons. Since it's for SJGames, I'll be running two GURPS adaptations.

The first game will be a GURPS Tekumel game. I wrote the rules almost 20 years ago for Pyramid magazine, and I've since expanded them. So, I need to update them to GURPS 4th Edition, before February. I'll also go through my old adventures and pick a good one to run.

The second game will be GURPS Traveller. I think the official GURPS Traveller rules are an excellent adaptation of the original Traveller rules. In the adventure, a group of twenty-somethings will participate in a 3D-vid reality show called Space Lanes, where they get the use of a retired free trader, and have to complete various missions. At the end of the season of the show, if they complete all the missions, they'll get the title of the free trader.

So, I've got some work to do.

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