Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jeff Dee's Tekumel Art Kickstarter

Here is an update from Jeff Dee regarding his Kickstarter Project of Tekumel Art:

Another bonus drawing has been unlocked in my Kickstarter project to re-visit my "Legions of the Petal Throne" illustrations from Dragon Magazine #6! Every set of prints now also includes the Tsu'uru (the Illusion-Masters)!

Next in line: Marashyalu (the Whimperers):
"These supernatural creatures of the ancients are set to guard treasure. They are masters of illusion, appearing as children, women, wounded friends, etc., and they weep, imploring help. A saving throw against hypnotism is needed by the nearest 1-6 beings in the party, since this being can captivate this number per combat round. A victim can then be commanded to fight against his own party. If the Marashyalu succeeds in carrying off a victim, it sucks all the soft organs out of his body by inserting a long proboscis into the mouth or other opening. This vicious creature can be driven off by a Protection from Evil/Good spell."

Funding for this project ends at Midnight on Sunday, Dec 2. You can help unlock more bonus drawings by spreading the word to your fellow gamers and Tekumel fans, making a pledge, or raising your pledge level. Thanks so much for all your support!


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