Friday, November 30, 2012

Oops! Missing TFT Magic Items

I was going to announce that TFT Tekumel was in layout, but then I remembered a chapter that was still sitting on my Google Drive, that was not converted over from EPT -- Magic Items!

So in honor of that, here are a few magic items for your enjoyment.

For those unfamiliar with Tekumel, Eyes are small magico-technological devices of the ancient Humanspace space empire that settled settled the planet millennia ago. They are about the size of a human eye with an aperture on one side and a stud and perhaps a counter in some unintelligible script on the other. Some have inscriptions painted on them by more recent owners, and some of the counters have been renumbered in more modern scripts as well. These devices can store up to 100 charges and can only be recharged by a Thoroughly Useful Eye, the rarest of all the Eyes. Wars have been fought over a single Thoroughly Useful Eye.

Excellent Ruby Eye

This device puts the targets into permanent time stasis, until released by another charge from the Ruby Eye. The victims cannot be harmed by any means. The name comes from the reddish luster that victims of this eye acquire. Persons have been released from the effects of this Eye after many millennia with no ill effects. This Eye affects all within a megahex and has a range of 20 yards. Treat as a missile weapon for distance modifiers. Targets get a 3d/DX roll to avoid the effects.

Ineluctable Eye of Healing

This Eye casts the Cure Serious Wounds spell on the subject. Roll 2d for the number of ST healed. It can cure blindness and deafness caused by magic or injury. This device may also be used instead of a ST roll for either poison or disease, but must be used before the roll is attempted. This Eye has a range of 3 yards, with no range modifiers.

The Clockwork Automaton of Qiyór

This device is a magical robot warrior that will fight for ten turns and then needs one turn to rewind. The automaton has ST 50, DX 14, IQ 8, and MA of 12. Its steel body stops 7 hits. It is equipped with two +2 damage broadswords. The book "Básrimyal hiMazák" (Men of Power) by Tlekku Beshyene states that the wizard Qiyór made ten of these devices for his patron. One is known to have been destroyed recently in Milumanayá, and the Red Hats of Mu’ugalavyáni have another.


  1. Very nice! I like the revisions in the right hand sidebar as well. I didn't realize you had a GOO Tekumel game going right now too!

    1. That's actually a placeholder for the collection of Tekumel games I'll be running over the next year, starting with your birthday game. Four games of both TFT and GURPS. I just don't have a cover for GURPS Tekumel yet.

    2. Oh, and I will probably be running this in my Tuesday group when we come to a stopping point in our Swords and Wizardry campaign.