Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TFT Tekumel Playtest wins the election, declares Fox News

Bob Cook, Taylor Martin, and Eric Gilbertson (from the left).
Photo c. 2012 by John Everett Till
I ran the birthday game of TFT Tekumel yesterday. I think it turned out to be a complete success. The players seemed to understand the combat system quickly. My memory of the rules was pretty sharp, considering I haven't played TFT for 14 years. The scenario seemed to be fun for everyone.No one in the party died, but they also didn't take home thousands in treasure either.

I think my assessment of TFT for use with Tekumel was good. It is close to the speed of the original EPT rules, while providing the players with designed characters, rather than randomly rolled ones.

And my port flowed freely. John got to use his inherited Waterford crystal aperitifs.

Here are some photos of the event (since you needed proof):

Map of the Broken Reed clan house
Photo c. 2012 by John Everett Till
Fighting a chnelh in a sloping tunnel
Photo c. 2012 by John Everett Till

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