Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue Room Archive returns

On the Tékumel Foundation blog, Chris Davis posted that the archives of the Blue Room Mailing List are back online. For those not familiar with it, the Blue Room Mailing List was a moderated list where participants could ask questions directly to the Professor, which ran from 1995 to 2000. It replaced the Tékumel Digest, a mailing list I ran from 1991 to 1993, in the days of FTP sites and Gopher (Hi, Bob!).

The Blue Room produced the best discussions (over 1000 messages) of Tekumelani society, the geography of the pocket universe, and other fascinating topics in any medium other than the authoritative Swords & Glory Sourcebook. The archives have been available in the past, but a number of messages from the final year were missing. Those have been restored to this archive.

Whenever I'm planning an adventure, I consult the Blue Room. Newt's Blueroom Archive Searcher is an invaluable tool for this. This app is a search engine into all things Tekumel. A few years ago, I wanted to send the group to Hmakuyal, a ruined city in southwestern Tsolyanu. I searched the Blue Room for information and compiled what I found, which helped me flesh out the city. It supplied the framework I could hang the rest of the scenario.

So, GMs, pick a topic, use the search engine, and see what gems you can find. I bet you can find an idea for an adventure in the results for a single search. I just did this while writing this post and got an idea for a scenario I'm going to run at U-Con 2013 in Ann Arbor. The Blue Room is that good. #tekumel

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