Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Campaigns

These random campaigns have nothing in common, except the ultimate gameablity of the settings. I think either one would make a great campaign.

Sensei Von Helsing

(Horror, Martial Arts, Blood Types)

  With the help of a Shaolin priest, Von Helsing begins training a cadre of martial artists to combat the rising tide of vampires. A new weapon maneuver is perfected using a wooden stake.

East meets west against the vampires. I suppose they might run into Chinese hopping vampires, as well as the more usual Romanian ones. I've seen Buffy train in the dreaded stake maneuver.

Hero in Mirrorshades

(Conan, CthulhuPunk, Voodoo: The Shadow War)

Escaping from the ranks of the cyber-gladiators, a new street samurai takes on the followers of the Great Old Ones, aided by a Voudoun Hougan, a common thief, and Red Sonja, the handle of a beautiful and talented decker.

I seriously want to play in this one, and I don't even like cyberpunk. And Red Sonja has me intrigued.

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