Friday, March 22, 2013

A to Z Blog challenge

I've decided that I'd like to try the A to Z Blog challenge. This means blogging every day but Sunday with each day devoted to a letter of the alphabet.

I'm sure I can blog daily, and I'm sure I can find A to Z topics to write about, just in Tekumel let alone the whole of the OSR.


  1. I'm gearing up to try this again. I did it last year but fell behind and eventually dropped out. I was doing one for my Tekumel-related gaming blog and one for my non-Tekumel blog. I found the Tekumel-related stuff hard b/c I wanted to get it "just right" with proper accents, etc and that took more preparation than I thought. MY current plan is to try and get the topics worked out ahead of time - that isn't cheating is it? ;-)


  2. Good luck. I thought it was interesting, but my readership dropped drastically when I tried it! It's clearly an exercise more for the writer than for the reader. I promise to do some reading, though!