Thursday, June 6, 2013

U-Con 2013 Announced

I just received my email notification that U-Con Game Convention is accepting events now. U-Con is a moderately-sized convention in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan area that takes place this year on November 22-24.

My big reason for going is the Tekumel Track that has been going on for over ten years. Several GMs run Tekumel games, and in the past there have been introductory sessions, LARPs, and teleconferences with Professor Barker himself. Often members of the Good Professor's own game group attend.

I will be running two games using my GURPS Tekumel rules. The first is "Rumble in Jakalla", where members of the Broken Reed Clan deal with trouble in the clan house. The second is "Where in Sarku's Cold Wormy Hell Are We?", an experiment in Tekumelani hexcrawling. (For you newcomers, a hexcrawl is an old school gaming idea of exploring a territory to find out what's there.) The players will have the added impetus of trying to figure out where they are on Tekumel and getting back to where they belong.

So, I hope people will attend this event, and perhaps run their own games, Tekumel or otherwise. I know I'm hoping to get at least one other OSR game in.

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