Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Cons for the Next Year

When I decided to get back into running games at cons last year after a multi-year hiatus, I jumped in headfirst and now I'm up to my ankles.

In February, I ran a GURPS Tekumel scenario, Rumble in Jakalla, at Con of the North, my local game convention of good size and regional scope. I would have run a GURPS Traveller game, but no one showed. A colleague said that he's always had trouble filling GURPS Traveller games at local cons. So, I won't be running that game again.

This fall U-Con takes place in Ypsilanti, Michigan from November 22-24. This con has had a Tekumel Track for at least the last 15 years. I'll be running two Tekumel games, Rumble in Jakalla, and an experimental game using some hexcrawl rules I'm adapting to Tekumel called Where in Sarku's Cold Wormy Hell are We?. I'm very excited to come back to this con after being away for years. I have friends I miss. (Hi George! Hi Krista! Hi Patrick! Hi Joel!)

Then the heavy lifting occurs. For next year's Con of the North in February, I'm organizing a Tekumel Track which currently has 40 hours of games submitted. We have a dedicated table as well as a fine collection of GMs, including something of a Tekumel celebrity, Don Kaiser, who played in the Professor's own games for many years. Jeff Berry will be supplying me with figures and other support. I'm very excited about building a new Tekumel Track.

For this con, I'm re-running Where in Sarku's Cold Wormy Hell are We? and also one of Krista Donnelly's wonderful adventures, Lost in the Library. I played this module when Krista brought it to U-Con. It's a good intro adventure that is not a "Fresh Off the Boat" game.

Now I just have to develop my hexcrawl rules, fill out the maps and features for Sarku's Wormy Hell, update my GURPS Tekumel rules, and read the whole Lost in the Library scenario several times. Sounds like fun to me!

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