Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our S&W Campaign Honor Roll

  1. Mick StoneRoller, Dwarven thief, died in Quasqueton, killed by a zombie.
  2. Titus Longinus, warrior, died onboard ship, killed by Elven pirates.
  3. Mordecai Magpie, Halfling burglar, died in the undercity of Senzar, killed by a shadowy beast. His self-sacrifice will never be known to the pasty thralls on the surface.
  4. Hyacinth, Elvish mage, died in Quasqueton, killed by larval proto-demons.
  5. Magnus Magpie, Halfling thug and Mordecai's brother, and his hench-thing, Shaa the Cold-One, died in the wizard Raven's tower, killed by giant spiders.
No one died tonight. 

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