Friday, December 13, 2013

Maps of a small area of Tekumel

I've made two maps of a small area of Tekumel, in the vicinity of Si'is and Khirgar in Tsolyanu. These maps are based on the Northwest Frontier Maps, published by Adventure Games in the 1980s. These were drawn using the free version of Inkwell Ideas' Hexographer.

In the first one, the city is Si'is, a town. Please note the north is to the right, not the top, because the Welsh Piper map template I'm using has hex columns, not hex rows, whereas the NW Frontier Maps have rows. The original maps use the hex sides, especially for Sakbe roads and terrain features.

For this reason, I didn't label things on the map. I've asked Erin at The Welsh Piper if he has a set of his map templates with rows.

These maps and probably a few more will be used in the upcoming playtest of my new rules.

Eventually, I'd like to create a version of the maps that covers the whole NW Frontier Area.

P.S. the brown line is a level of elevation.

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