Sunday, January 5, 2014

Erin Phyler, Young Necromancer

Human female
5'4" 100 lbs., age: 17, Neutrally-aspected Cancer
Only child of an architect, credit to the family
Level: 3
XP: 5500

One night, Erin awoke after midnight. She lit a candle on her beside, and saw an apparition before her. The image of an old man stood before her bed. The spirit spoke to her, telling of her destiny to pursue the ultimate intellectual journey: to discover the meanings of life and death. If she so chose, the spirit said he would teach her in the pursuit of this goal.

Erin, who had been discovering that the world was not as simple as her parents and teachers had been telling her, agreed to begin her training as a necromancer, and the spirit secretly began to instruct her. He started with teaching her which end of a sword to swing. Just the basics of weapon play -- enough to defend herself and little more. She applied herself and picked it up well. Once he taught her the Command Undead and Create Skeleton spells, her spirit guide led her on a journey to one of his hidden caches. She convinced her father, an architect of some skill, to take her on a business trip that traveled past the location in the wilderness. After everyone was in bed in the inn, she stole away into the night, following her master's shade, to find the abandoned woodcutter's house in the woods that her mentor indicated to her. It was guarded by a skeleton. He showed her where a warrior had died at the skeleton's hands outside the house. She raised the skeleton of the warrior as her servant, and attacked the guardian undead with him. Once she and her servant had killed the guarding skeleton, the spirit guide showed her where he had hidden some gold and jewelry, including a black pearl necklace with a Protection vs. Command Spells enchantment.

Erin took a small amount of coin and the necklace. She left her skeleton to guard the house and the remaining treasure, exchanging one skeleton for another. It was now her secret hideaway and laboratory for her upcoming training. She returned to the inn and slept for a few hours before her father left for the remainder of the trip.

She is now 2nd MKL, and knows a few spells. She has since found another skeleton and raised it as an undead servant, so two skeletons guard her master's legacy and her hideout.

Bardic Voice:14
Carrying Capacity:100 lbs.
Military Ability:6.9
Command Level:3.45

Steel grey eyes
Short, wavy brown hair
Fair complexion
Serious expression
Right handed
Full lips
High cheekbones
Thin nose
Sharp features
Husky voice
Tone deaf

Weapon Bonuses

Short sword +3%
Dagger +3%
Short composite bow +3%


MKL: 2
Concentration Level: 5.6
PMF: 6.5

Spirit Guide: 225 year dead necromancer's ghost, Conc. Level: 300, MKL: 15


Reveal Secret Door
Measure Volume


Detach, Affix, Accelerate, Concentrate Rain and Spray
Accelerate Fog and Mist

Create, Remove Smoke

Command Undead
Create Skeleton

Ancient Lore


Short sword
Short composite bow

Belt pouch: 19 gp, 103 sp
Long-sleeved linen tunic, light blue, good quality
Riding breeches, light brown, good quality
Riding boots, good quality leather
Cloak, dark blue, good quality
Wardrobe of well-to-do clothing
Light warhorse, "Mist", dapple grey, comes when called
Saddle and gear
50' rope
Mixture of jewelry: rings. armbands, necklaces, bracelets, gems
   (worth 5,000 gp)
Black pearl necklace (amulet of protection vs. commands), saves as MKL 8

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