Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free RPGs Designed for Kids

A friend was looking for RPGs for kids and I decided to collect them into one place. I will be adding more as I think of them or they are suggested to me.

D&D Clones

Kiddie Hack
One-page rules for kids

Dungeon Delvers
One page rules. Comes in a card deck form as well ($14.95)

A simple, fast ruleset designed for kids 5+

World of Dungeons
A simplified hack of Dungeon World. Dungeon World 0E in a way.

Other Games

A rules-lite game suitable for kids.

FAE: Fate Accelerated Edition
Very simple story-focused game.

I Roll To See If I Have Shoes
A simple mechanic that drives your character development.

You play a character and your shadow.

Broomstix: The Harry Potter Roleplaying Game
Harry Potter. Need I say more.

Under Dog and other regular animals with super powers.

Clown Cops
You used to be a clown. Now you're a cop in Clowntown.

Amazing Monkey Adventures
Escape from the zoo, cause mischief, and return before the zookeeper notices.

Please send more suggestions.

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