Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taskol the Benevolent, Human Wanderer for YARC

+Chuck Thorin released a draft of his YARC game (Yet Another Retro Clone) yesterday. In 10 pages, not including spells (he uses Lamentations of the Flame Princess for the magic system and spells), he presents a delightful set of rules that beg to be played.

The setting is Swords and Sorcery, and the intro to the game has a wonderful distillation of what it means to be S&S:
This ain't Tolkien. No elves, dwarves or hobbits. This is Sword & Sorcery. It's sex, drugs and rock & roll. It's Heavy Metal. It's punk rock. It's Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, and Esteban Maroto. It's Conan, Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser, Red Sonja, Zetari and Ghita of Alizarr. It's weird fantasy. It's tentacled horrors from beyond. It's malevolent gods. It's loincloths and chain mail bikinis. It's corrupt sorcerers. It's forgotten temples and lost civilizations. It's lawless, untamed wilds and decadent cities. It's fortunes found and lost. It's smokey taverns and carousing. It's pulpy.
One of my favorite mechanics in this game is the combo of carousing and fate points he calls Debauchery Points (DP). If a character spends a quarter of their cash on drinking and sex and carousing, they gain a DP. These can be spent to get a reroll on a saving throw or to soak damage. So, instead of exchanging cash for experience points, as the normal carousing-style rules encourage, Debauchery Points exchange cash for a means of surviving the tentacled horrors, something that Conan would approve of.

Another thing I like is that everyone has a chance to perform all the skills (1/6). As you add skill points you raise those odds.

Without further ado, I present Taskol the Benevolent, a wandering healer and troubleshooter, created using the 1.0 version of the rules.

Taskol the Benevolent

Human Wanderer, 1st Level

STR: 14 (+1) / Save 16
DEX: 15 (+1) / Save 16
CON: 11 (0) / Save 17
INT: 15 (+1) / Save 16
WIS: 15 (+1) / Save 16
CHA: 8 (0*) / Save 17

HP: 6
Attack Bonus: +1
AC: 13
Cash: 23 gp
DP: 1
(I assumed that spending 25% of his starting cash gets him a DP.)

Knack: Healthy Glow*: +1 (CON) Social
Talent: Animal Empathy: Can sort of talk to animals.  Basic communication and limited by animal INT.
Class Boons: Need to Know (rearrange 1 skill point every level up)

Feat of Strength (1)
Inspiration (1)
Prowess (1)
Sense Magic (0)
Sixth Sense (1)
Social (0*)
Acrobatics (1)
Healing (3)
Languages (1)
Locks & Traps (1)
Lore (1)
Mariner (1)
Merchant (1)
Perception/Search (2)
Ride (1)
Sleight of Hand (1)
Sneak Attack (1)
Stealth (1)
Survival (1)

Padded leather armor (+1 AC)
Long sword (+2, d8+1 damage)
4 Daggers (+2, d4+1 damage)
Shield (+1 AC)

Version Notes:  

The changes needed to convert to the streamlined rules (link at the top):

CHA: 8 (-1) / Save 18

Deftness (1)
Feat of Strength (1)
Insight (2)
Lore (1)
Nimbleness (1)

Prowess (1)
Sense Magic (0)
Sixth Sense (1)
Sneak Attack (1)
Social (0*)

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