Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tekumel Track at Con of the North

Next weekend is a big deal for Tekumel. It's Con of the North in Plymouth, MN, and I organized a Tekumel Track with 40 hours of Tekumel games and four referees. Preregistration is closed, but you can register at the door for $37 for the whole con, and 1- and 2-day passes are available.

Tekumel Track Events

Noon:    Intro to Tekumel
2 pm:     You get off the boat in Zhaigriyal -- Steve Vossler
6 pm:     Hirilakte Arena Gladiators -- Steve Vossler
8 pm:     Where in Sarku's Cold, Wormy Hell are We? -- Brett Slocum

8 am:     The Jade Box, Part 1 -- Don Kaiser
4 pm:     Qadarni Boat Battles -- Charlotte Kegley
6 pm:     Prisoner Exchange -- Steve Vossler
10 pm:   Lost in the Library -- Brett Slocum

10 am:   The Jade Box, Part 2 -- Don Kaiser
6 pm:     Tekumel Trivia -- Steve Vossler

Intro to Tekumel
Come to this introduction to the fantasy world of Tekumel, developed by M.A.R. Barker since the 1940s. Ask questions, hear tales, and meet and greet others that are interested. Fans of Tekumel with over a hundred years of experience will be on-hand to help out. You can also hear more about the games available this weekend.

You get off the boat in Zhaigriyal
While traveling up the Mssuma River between Usenanu and Bey Su, your boat has a weekend layover in the town of Zhaigriyal.  Your character has 48 hours to: make contacts, spectate weekend events, discover a mystery, pick a fight, get drunk, attend an affair, or get into the kind of trouble PCs always get themselves in.

Hirilakte Arena Gladiators
Your clan-cousins made wagers that they could make more gold than you at the gladiatorial games today.  As a high clansman, who owns gladiators and is active in the gladiatorial arts, you accept the wagers and will do everything in your power to win.

Where in Sarku's Cold Wormy Hell are We?
This is the question that a group of Ksarul priests and guards ask when returning to the surface after a week's duty in one of the many underground shrines beneath Mrelu. They emerge in a faraway place and must find out where they are and find a way home.

The Jade Box, Part 1
Your party have been hand-picked by the Imperium to recover an object from the lost city of Purdánim, the ancient capital of the first Bednálljan Empress, Nayári of the Silken Thighs, buried these 20 millennia. 

Qadarni Boat Battles
It's time for the weekly summer pastime for the town of Zhaigriyal on Buruji Lake on the Mssuma River. Temples and high clans will put money into crews and warriors to man the boats they sponsor. Participants are dressed in colorful costumes as they sail into the lake to do mock battle. The spectator boats line the banks to watch and gamble. Come man a boat and see what the Gods have in store for you.

Prisoner Exchange
The Sea Blue clan of Bey Su has negotiated an exchange of prisoners with the Temple of Vimuhla.  Your group has been hired to make the exchange in an out of the way place, in the underworld of the town of Zhaigriyal.  Simple job: deliver the prisoner to the subterranean stronghold of Vimuhla, known as Fort Vulkuyar, and escort another prisoner out.  Why does this sound too good to be true?

Lost in the Library
It’s Dohála 25th in Sokátis, and that can mean only one thing: The Temple of Thúmis is celebrating The Uncovering of Wisdom! As a acolyte of the temple, today is the day you choose which branch of the temple to join as either an administrative-, ritual-, or scholar-priest or priestess. You are also taking a tour of the Library of the Splendor of Enlightenment. Be careful. It's easy to get lost.

The Jade Box, Part 2
Having returned with The Jade Box from the lost city of Purdánim, the Imperium realizes that it is too ‘hot’ to keep.  The party is sent to take the box to the ancient capital of the Dragon Lords, Malcháiran in N'lǘss, to deposit it in the ancient Great Treasury of the Dragon Lords for safe keeping.

Tekumel Trivia
Come strain your brain answering multiple choice questions about details of the world of Tekumel that few people on this world would know.  Make it to the top of the temple first and win the Gold of Imperial Glory.

So if you want to play some Tekumel games and you're in the Twin Cities area next weekend, come on in and play!

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