Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tékumel Nonhumans

I've completed my initial nonhuman race designs for the new game. I thought I'd share these with you and see what you think. These are character races and playable. Comments?

The swamp-dwelling Ahoggyá look almost like a furry barrel that has sprouted four arms and legs. They live in the wet, low-lying coastal plains across a narrow part of the southern ocean and in their extremely distant enclave, Ónmu Tlé Hléktis, beyond the most distant province of Salarvyá.
Ahoggya have a face in each direction, and can strike up to four times a turn. They are fearless. Ahoggya are gruff, smelly, and rude.
Ahoggya character modifiers:
STR: +20% CON: +20% DEX: -20% PSY: -20% INT: -10% HD: 3 AC: 15 Morale: 10

In their mountaintop aeries east of Tsolyánu are the skittish Hláka, flying mammalians of roughly human size. They are cowardly, yet curious, and their usefulness as military scouts is unsurpassed. Their tails end in a bony blade, which they can use as a weapon. They wear no armor and will only use Hlaka weapons.
Hlaka characteristics:
DEX: +15% STR: -10%
HD: 1
AC: 14
Morale: 5

Pachi Lei
The Páchi Léi, four-legged forest dwellers, live in the southern coastal area of the Cháka forests. They fit well into Tsolyáni society, being somewhat passive and friendly. Pachi Lei can see 60 feet in the dark. Páchi Léi have excellent hearing, and they detect ambushes and secret doors 50% of the time if searching, and at 30% even when not searching.  Their jungle life gives them the Survival (Jungle) and Climbing skills.
Pachi Lei character modifiers:
HD: 1
AC: 15
Survival (jungle)
Excellent Hearing
Find Hidden (50/30)

Pe Choi
To the north of the Páchi Léi live the Pé Chói, beautiful insectoids with considerable magic talents. They also easily join human society, rising nearly as high as humans within the bureaucratic, military, and temple hierarchies. They have four arms and can strike twice per round. Pe Choi have excellent hearing, and they detect ambushes and secret doors 90% of the time if searching, and at 80% even when not searching. They are slow healers, only recovering 1 HP every other day, instead of every day. Pe Choi have a primitive telepathy that allows them to sense life within 10 feet, and they can sense the death of their own kind within 3 miles. Because they breathe through spicules in their abdomen, they can drown in a couple feet of water and cannot swim. Pe Choi greatly fear water and oceans.

Pe Choi character modifiers:
DEX: +10%
PSY: +15%
APP: +5%
CON: -10%
HD: 1+2
AC: 17
Excellent Hearing
Sense Life
Sense Pe Choi Death
Find Hidden (90/80)

Pygmy Folk
In mountain enclaves within Yán Kór live the Pygmy Folk in their subterranean tunnels. These short, furred creatures are never completely trusted for they have a reputation for being sly, devious, cruel, and greedy. They can be very dangerous if cornered. They can see in the dark for 60 feet. They have excellent hearing, and their subterranean life gives them Miner skill. They also innately know Swimming and Climbing.
Pygmy Folk character modifiers:
DEX: +20%
STR: -10%
HD: d2-2
AC: 13
Excellent Hearing

Morale: 5 if no other Pygmy Folk, 9 at least one other Pygmy Folk
The Shén, a powerful reptilian race, live on the southernmost tip of the continent, south of Livyánu. They work as mercenaries or ply the oceans as merchants. They make poor sorcerers and Shen disdain magic. Their club-like tail can be used as weapon behind them and to the side. Shen are clumsy, gruff, and harsh.
Shen character modifier:
STR: +20%
DEX: -20%
INT: -5%
PSY: -10%
HD: 3
AC: 17
Morale: 10
Swamp Folk
Living in the low-lying swamps of Mu'ugalavyá, the Swamp Folk (their name for themselves is unpronounceable by humans) are natural sailors. They ply the sea lanes, selling their wares. They are not at all psychic and cannot cast magic. They an innate sense of place and orientation and they can detect changes in elevation, direction, spacial orientation, and nexus points. The Swamp Folk maritime life gives them Swimming and Sailor skills. They have no combat penalty onboard ship. Their water needs in arid areas is double human normal.
Swamp Folk character modifiers:
CON: +10%
HD: 1
AC: 14
Spacial Sense

The Tinalíya are a tiny four-legged race of scholars and mages, who live in the mountainous area in the north of Livyánu. They are totally literal-minded, not understanding human idioms and humor. They are very curious. They make excellent engineers and magicians. They are decent fighters for their size.
Tinaliya character modifiers:
DEX: +10%
INT: +5%
PSY: +15%
STR: -15%
HD: d6-1
AC:  12

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