Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Classic Traveller Character -- Travis Komodo, Scout

We played a lot of Traveller back in the day. It was our go-to system for science fiction games. But I haven't played it for at least two decades. We never really cottoned to MegaTraveller and the Virus era was an anathema to us.

We came to a break in my biweekly game, and one bloke offered the games he could run. So, I offered to run Traveller. But I've never run Traveller myself, so that was maybe a little premature. But it looks like were going to play Apocalypse World and not Traveller, but two folks said they were interested at a later date.

In an effort to reacquaint myself with classic Traveller, I've started reading The Traveller Book, a one volume edition of the original LBB, plus a couple of adventures.

I made a character.

Travis Komodo
4 term Scout

STR: 9
END: 9
INT: 7
EDU: 5
SOC: 7

Vacc Suit-2

50,000 cr
2 low passages

I also made his homeworld. This will be the starting point of the campaign I envision for the group. 

(gas giants in system)

Starport C
Size 7
Atmo 8
Hydro 4
Pop 6
Law 6
Gov 8 -- civil service bureaucracy
Tech Level 9 
Trade Class: Ag, Non-Ind, Rich

After a 40 year regional collapse of interstellar civilization following a supernova event, Mongram's government finally raised their Tech Level enough and built the infrastructure to venture into space again. Now they're sending out scouts to find out what the local area looks like now. 

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