Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bag of Requirement

Over on the They Might Be Gazebos blog, +Chuck Thorin described a Bag of Wonders, where you can pull one item from per day, using 20 random items on notecards (anything from string to evil artifacts).

I put that together with the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter to create the Bag of Requirement.

Bag of Requirement

This normal-looking leather sack allows the user to remove from it one item that is needed at the time once per day. If the item is handheld, mundane, and on the normal equipment list, the user may name it and draw it from the bag. After the item is no longer needed, the user places it back in the bag. If the item is broken while using it, the pieces must be put back in the bag. If the item is not put back in the bag, a new item cannot be taken out the next day.

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