Monday, August 31, 2015

Hexcrawl/Sandbox for Warriors of the Red Planet

I'm way deep into Warriors of the Red Planet, the Sword and Planet D&D clone. I wanted to do some solo hexcrawling to get used to the system. Well, the first thing I needed for that was a map.

I recently used Delving Deeper to do this same thing for a generic solo hexcrawl, though I had a map already, the Outdoor Survival map. So, I thought tweaking DD's mapping and hexcrawl methods would work well.

First I generated the map. I used DD's Table 2.12: Random Wilderness Terrain to generate the terrain, but I changed each Woods result into Jungle. After rolling the first column of the map, I used the two adjacent hexes together to create the second columns hex. I made one die roll and checked both columns of the terrain table. If the result was mutually exclusive, I rolled a die to decide or simply picked one I wanted. If the results were compatible with each other, like Mountain and Jungle, I used both.

Using Hexographer from Inkwell Ideas, I started building the map. The terrains I used in the map were Light Jungle, Heavy Jungle, Savannah (clear), Mountain, Jungle Mountain, Grassland, Jungle Hills, Jungle Wetlands (from combining Jungle and Swamp), Jungle Mountains, Hills, Mountains, Swamp, Dunes, and Sandy Desert.

Next, I used DD's Table 2.13 Random Wilderness Features table to place villages, towns, lairs, bridges, rivers, trails, fords, and ruins. Any Stronghold result on this table became a ruin from WotRP's Random Ruin Generation tables.

For this map, if I rolled a River result, I then rolled a d20. On a 20, I replaced the river with a Canal, then using a coin flip to see if it is North-South or East-West. After that or if the d20 is not 20, a River result is just a river. In other words, if you get a Canal, you can't get another canal on the same map.

The canals were a feature of a jungle world I had been thinking about for a couple months or so, and this map was a way to test it out. The canal on the left of the map is a mile wide and carved with precision orbital fusion lasers thousands of years ago. They run straight north/south or east/west 500 miles apart. Vast high tech bridges cross every 100 miles. These canals circle the planet. The zero-180 degree meridian canal, the 90-270 degree meridian canal, and the equator canal are all 5 miles wide.

Then I used the WotRP Random Name Generator for village and town names, and the Random Wilderness Encounter tables for lairs.

0000Village: Ghoji-Yif (pop. 400)
0007Lair: Bubrille
0010Village: Gormix (pop. 500)
0201Lair: 2d10 Mukup
0204Lair: 3d4 Arcris
0308Ruins, obscured by clouds and fog, walls of a ruined fortress overgrown with stinking fungal growth.
0404Lair: 2d4 Banthe
0503Village: Ur-Drim (pop. 400)
0703Lair: 8+4d10 Black Pirates, large cruiser airship
0801Lair: 5d12 Sassam
0802Town: Hubyl Bhalhyth (pop. 2000)
0808Lair: 4d10 Armae
0904Lair: d3 Turl
1003Town: Zilzim-Dar (pop. 5000)
1005Ruined city: Quijag
1009Village: Kjilford, ford (pop. 200)

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