Wednesday, February 17, 2016

De-Bar-Ka, Tinalíya Specialist

[I got an idea for the adventure I want to run next fall at U-Con, but this scenario requires six or seven 8th-10th level characters and a similar number of 5th-7th level PCs (players will play one of each). I decided to test out Heroic Age of Tékumel with high-level PCs. In the process, I came up with an idea for dealing with the magical abilities of Pé Chói and Tinalíya, two of the nonhuman races. Here're the rules:

Pé Chói and Tinalíya have Innate Spellcasting as a Species Trait. 

Innate Spellcasting: Any members of these species with a PSY Mod of +1 or more can purchase one 1st level spell per level as a background skill.

This will allow them to essentially multi-class magic user with anything else.

Here is the final Tinalíya character.]

De-Bar-Ka is a scholar priest in the Temple of Ksárul in Purdimál at a rank of Licentiate, specializing in devices of the ancients. It is not just an academic, though, and it has taken several expeditions to the underworld and distant sites to study ancient artifacts in their natural habitat. In the process, it has also become quite expert in finding and disarming traps and locks of the ancients.

De-Bar-Ka, 9th Level Tinalíya Specialist

Gender: Neuter

STR: 47
INT: 94 +1
PSY: 99 +2
DEX: 88 +1
CON: 60
CHA: 43

AC: 14
HP: 7d6 / 27
Cash: 7 káitars
Spell Pool: 14
Skill Points: 53

Species Traits
Innate Spellcasting

Species Skills
Survival (underground)

Tinalíya (native), Tsolyáni, Livyáni, Yán Koryáni, Mu'ugalavyáni, Classic Tsolyáni, Expert in Engsvanyáli, Bednálljan Salarvyáni, Tsáqw, Llyáni.

Expert Lore (ancient devices), Master Locksmith, Expert Trap Detector, Expert First Aid, Expert Spy, Master Engineer-Architect, Glassblower, Mathematics, Mimic, Survival (forest, underground, swamp), Dagger, Pistol crossbow, Sword

Warding, Soperiferousness, Summon Creatures I, Alleviation, Excoriation of Contagion, Recuperation, Light and Darkness, Perception of the Energies, Seeing Other Planes

Short sword
Pistol crossbow with 30 bolts
Sorcerer's Bag
First aid kit
Locksmith tools
Mechanical tools
Language notebook
Notebook about ancient devices
Leather harness with straps and pouches (counts as AC 13)
+2 enchanted steel dagger
Steel dagger (x2)
Abominable Eye of Detestation: 30 charges, labelled in Llyáni.

I'm pretty happy with the level of competence. 

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