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LotFP Race and Class

I really want the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Race as Classes as Races, so I did a little editing on the standard descriptions so they could be used as Races.

As a race, Dwarfs are short and stocky, about four feet tall, and one hundred thirty-five pounds. They live about three hundred years. They typically have a ruddy complexion and rather gruff personalities; joviality is an unknown quality in Dwarfs, even those roaming the surface. All Dwarfs value their beards, and the length of one’s beard is the real measure of a Dwarf ’s virility and worth, and often the beard is exquisitely styled and decorated.

Dwarfs are not a magic-using race, but are fierce and resilient warriors. They can also be specialists or clerics. They do have a natural connection with the Earth itself and a cultural understanding of construction and due to this has a greater initial Architecture score than other characters. Their Architecture skill starts at 3 in 6, and goes up by 1 every 3 levels at 4th, 7th, and 10th levels. Dwarves use d10 for hit dice.

Dwarfs are able to bear incredible burdens; it takes five additional items for a Dwarf to gain the first encumbrance point. A Dwarf receives a +1 bonus to his Constitution modifier (so a Dwarf with a 12 Constitution has a +1 modifier instead of the usual 0 modifier, for example). A Dwarf also continues
to apply his Constitution modifiers, if any, to Hit Points gained after level nine. Due to their size, Dwarves cannot use large weapons, and must use medium weapons two-handed.

Elves are creatures of magic related to the faerie. As such, they typically enjoy living in the deep wilderness
and adapting their homes to be in harmony with their surroundings. They are on average about five feet tall, and usually slender. Their most striking features are their pointed ears (how large these ears are will differ from region to region) and disproportionately large eyes which are often a color not found in the other races.

Elves can be fighters, magic users, or speciaists. They can also combine fighter and magic user into a single class called warrior mage. Elves use the same spell lists and spell progressions as Magic-Users. Full details of an Elf’s magical abilities are detailed in the Magic section. Elves’ enhanced senses allow them to Search more effectively than others (2 in 6 chance), and they are less often surprised than other races (1 in 6 chance). Their Search skill starts at 2 in 6, and goes up by 1 every 3 levels at 4th, 7th, 10th, and 13th levels. Elves use d6 for hit dice.

Usually standing about three feet tall, all other physical features of Halflings will differ by region, but one never varies. They have rather large, hairy feet and prefer to go barefoot. Their feet are sufficiently protected and insulated that they suffer not frostbite in the winter, nor disease or parasitical infestation in warmer climes. Halflings as a race do tend to take their pleasures very seriously, and the fat and happy Halfling stereotype has taken hold because rural farmers, while dedicated and fastidious in their work, have all the food that they could ever want and not a lot of reason to engage in moderation. Those used to that stereotype are very surprised the first time that they meet a chiseled, battle-scarred warrior Halfling. Halflings live on average about one hundred years.

One stereotype of Halflings that rings true is that while they tend to be gracious to guests and not shy about invitations, they do prefer to be home. Halfling Player Characters are those that have left their homelands to seek adventure and fortune. They are generally seen as troublemakers (and perhaps a touch crazy) by their kin who are not so inclined. Halflings can be fighters or specialists.

Halflings are very quick and agile folk, and so add one to their Dexterity modifier and receive a one point bonus to Armor Class when not surprised. In the wilderness, Halflings have the uncanny ability to stay hidden and so have a 5 in 6 Stealth skill. Halflings also begin with a 3 in 6 Bushcraft skill due to Halfling society being traditionally in harmony with nature. Their Bushcraft skill goes up by 1 every 3 levels at 4th, 7th, and 10th levels. Halflings use d6 hit dice.

Due to their size, Halflings cannot use large weapons, and must use medium weapons two-handed.

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