Saturday, October 22, 2016

My first AD&D character for a long time

Back in the day, I played AD&D 1E for about 2 months in college. I wanted to get into a friend's The Fantasy Trip campaign, and so I joined his AD&D campaign in order to secure a seat. I played a druid, and at the time, I was appalled by the weird shit. You, see, at the time, I was a Serious Gamer, and the frivolous things of AD&D annoyed me. I felt it was a joke that my druid could have a trained rhino that I rode into battle that had a +1 enchanted horn. I never played AD&D again, until I got into the OSR. And that was first Oriental Adventures and later 2nd Ed, so not straight AD&D and not 1E.

So this is my first straight AD&D 1E character that I've rolled up since 1980. I did this in preparation for a new AD&D campaign a friend is running through the A1-4 series Scourge of the Slave Lords. I wanted to get used to the rules, especially multiclassing, so I wouldn't be completely lost when I created my character.

I think I did everything right. The attributes were rolled 4d6 drop lowest. The attributes that weren't up to the minimum required for an Illusionist, I raised to the minimum. I swapped the two 17s into INT and DEX to meet the Illusionist minimums. I traded one of my 7 minimum 1st level spells for 4 cantrips (it was a stupid spell anyway).

Here's what I have. I like him.

Legbar Gimbootle, 1st level Gnome Illusionist/Thief

STR:  9
INT:   15  17
WIS:  10
DEX: 16  17   +2 missile/+2 surprise/-3 AC
CON: 17  12  +2  HP
CHA: 17  11  10 henchmen/+30% loyalty/+30% reaction

Alignment: CN

XP:  +10% XP Thief
HD: d4/d6
HP:  7
Cash: 11 gp
AC: 8

Gnome Racial Abilities
+4 Magic Save
 Mining skill (detect grade, detect unsafe area, detect depth, detect direction
+1 Attack bonus on Goblins and Kobolds
-4 to attacks from gnolls, bugbears, ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, titans

Burrowing Mammal
Thieves Cant
Suloise (Greyhawk)

Thiefly Abilities
Pick Pockets: 35%, Open Locks: 40%, Find/Rm Traps: 30%, 
Move Silently: 25%, Hide: 20%, Hear Noise: 20%, Climb: 60%

Magical Abilities
To Know Spell: 75%, Minimum 8, Maximum 14

Cantrips: Colored Lights, Noise, Mask, Mirage (I didn't do Cantrips correctly the first time)
Useful: Chill, Clean, Color, Dampen, Dry, Dust, Exterminate, Freshen, Polish, Salt, Spice, Sweeten, Tie.
Reversed: Dirty, Hairy (I kid you not)
Legerdemain: Change, Distract, Palm
Person-affecting: Belch, Giggle, Scratch, Wink
Personal: Bee, Bug, Firefinger, Gnats, Unlock
Haunting-sounds: Creak, Footfall, Groan, Moan (what really is the difference between a groan and a moan?), Rattle, Tap
Illusionist: Colored Lights, Dim, Haze, Mask, Noise, Rainbow.

Spells: Phantasmal Forces, Audible Glamer

Leather armor, shortbow, quiver 12 arrows, short sword, backpack, lantern, oil 4, belt pouch, waterskin, rations std, wine, thieves tools.

For the Slave Lords game, I'm still not sure what I'm going to play. Maybe a this Gnome Illusionist-Thief, maybe a Elf Druid, maybe something else. We'll see. I'll let you know.

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