Thursday, November 3, 2016

Two Fantasy Races for The Black Hack

In my effort to create more races for The Black Hack, I present Goblins and Fishfolk.

To make Goblins a more suitable race for cosmopolitan fantasy cities, I present the reimagined Goblin. I was inspired by the goblins from GURPS Fantasy Folk fantasy race creation rules.


Goblins are a magical race that is attracted to magic, magic items, and wizards. They often take service with mages and wizards. There are few great goblin magic users, but each goblin has a couple spells they know, and many become hedge mages. They cannot lie, though hiding the truth is certainly possible. They often become merchants and traders, especially of magic items and potions.


Attribute Modifiers: DEX +1, INT +1, STR -2

Hedge Magic: At first level, roll for 2 random 1st or 2nd levels spells. They get spell slots for the spells they have (i.e. if they get two 1st level spells, they have two 1st level spell slots; if they have a 1st level and a 2nd level spell, they get a 1st level slot and a 2nd level slot). Reroll spells when leveling up.

Darkvision: Goblins can see in very low light conditions.

Slow Advancement: It takes 1 additional major event to level up.


Because I want to run undersea adventures eventually, I made the Fishfolk.


These creatures under the sea and swim in schools, looking for prey. They are chaotic creatures that hate the surface dwellers. They don't build structures underwater, but live in sea caves and kelp forests. They use simple weapons and tools. Their favorite food is sea mammals. Fishfolk are the natural enemies of Merfolk.


Attribute Modifiers: STR +1, CON +1, CHA -2

Amphibious: Can breathe and see underwater, and can swim at normal speed (anywhere Nearby in one move).

Speak with Fish: Can communicate with fish. On passing a CHA test, the fish will follow orders.

Darkvision: Fishfolk can see in very low light conditions underwater.

Water Dependence: Must be immersed in water for an hour a day. They take d6 damage every day they are unable to immerse.

Slow Advancement: It takes 1 additional major event to level up.


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