Monday, October 15, 2012

Tekumel Adventures

I'm going to write a couple Tekumel adventures and I'm soliciting some ideas for these adventures. What haven't you seen done that you'd like to see done?

Underworld? Politics? Military? High Seas? Undying Wizards? Pitchforks and chlen carts?


  1. I think something underworld involving an ancient tubeway, or a temple of Sarku might be might be interesting. Alternately an attack on a Sakbe roadway while the party is traveling it could be fun also. Maybe an ancient Sabke road buried in the underworld with seven levels instead of the normal three and undead guards, perhaps one is enchanted with ancient magic (technology?) to move people extra fast. Well I better quit before I write it for you.

  2. The last one sounds promising. Right now, I'm researching dangerous critters for the beginning of this escapade. I know where I want the underworld to come in that adventure. The rest I've done in my last campaign.

  3. I always enjoyed discovering interesting communities within Tsolyanu and neighbouring lands. The area is so vast with limited communications that there is plenty of room for weird locales and customs. Challenging player assumptions by focusing on a weird deity aspect and the local interpretations. 'Badass' Avanthe worship? Home help for the infirm from undead ancestors in a Sarku village? How about a Scooby Doo style mystery as if Neil Gaiman had written it for Tekumel? Has got me thinking about Tekumel again after a long absense. Will have to read through your blog now Brett and catch up!

    1. These are great ideas. I really love the challenge of the Gaiman-style Scooby-Doo adventure.

  4. Just so you all know, I'm compiling a list of your ideas for reference later, when I'm writing adventures.

    *sounds of a large vacuum cleaner begin*