Friday, September 28, 2012

Preview: TFT Tekumel

As a preview of my project, here are a couple things from my TFT Tékumel manuscript you might be interested in. A few spells and talents.

Tékumel Spells for TFT

Plague (Thrown Spell): The subject is infected with a horrid disease, rendering them incapacitated immediately. They die after 2 turns, if Cure Disease is not successfully cast on them. Persons touching the victim or the body must make a 3d/ST saving roll to avoid catching the disease. Cost: 3 ST. IQ: 11. Temples: Avánthe, Dlamélish, Sárku.
The Vapor of Death (Special): A wave of poisonous gas flows out from the front of the caster. It moves at 1 megahex per turn, and the caster must be sure the wind is still or blowing away from the caster’s party. All persons caught in the cloud get 3d/ST saving rolls, and, if successful, the subject takes 1d damage. If the saving roll is failed, the subject dies unless a Neutralize Poison spell is cast on them within 2 turns. Cost: 5 ST / +1 per turn. IQ: 14. Temples: Hrü'ǘ, Ksárul, Sárku, Vimúhla.

Tékumel Talents for TFT

Navigator (2): Can navigate on land or at sea using the position of the planets to determine direction. A navigator is required if a ship ventures away from the coast. A navigator can also use a water compass to find magnetic North.
Mundane Talents (1): Baker, Barber, Bootmaker, Bricklayer, Butcher, Carpenter, Carpetmaker, Cook, Dyer, Farmer, Fisherman, Glassblower, Grocer, Mason, Miner, Paper-and-Ink Maker, Perfumer, Potter, Rope-and-Net Maker, Sailmaker, Tailor, Tanner, Weaver, Winemaker, and Wheelwright.


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