Thursday, September 27, 2012

The project: Tekumel with The Fantasy Trip

I have finished the list of TFT Talents for Tekumel. In TFT, Talents are both skills, like Calligrapher, and abilities, like Acute Hearing. A few talents were removed, such as Horsemanship and Guns. The list of talents were updated from the list of skills from EPT. My friend, Bill Seurer, developed a set of additional Talents for TFT, and I've added these to the list as well.

Now, I'm compiling the Spell list. I've taken the original TFT spell list and removed the spells that don't fit into Tekumel. I've added spells that Bill Seurer developed years ago, as well as a score of Tekumel-specific spells I wrote up several months ago. I have another twenty or thirty spells to write up. Then the list needs editing.

I was able to get good scans of the original books and then decent OCRs of those scans to base my Talent and Spell summaries. It saved wear and tear on my books and fingers. 

The next step, once I finish the compilation of the spells, is to summarize the combat system. Then I need to write the adventure. I figure about three to five weeks to finish. Wish me luck.

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  1. Sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing the final results . . .