Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tekumel Bestiary for TFT

I've been converting some critters to TFT for my upcoming game. I started with my GURPS conversions and compared them to the EPT versions, as well as Justin Grabowski's TFT versions from my web site. I thought this would be a great time to for a preview. Here are two for your enjoyment.


Qól (The Serpent-headed Ones)

Originally created by the Temple of Ksárul, these intelligent humanoid mutants have flattened, snake-like heads and tentacle arms. Qól are often used as tomb guardians, or may be found wandering in the Underworld, singly or in groups of up to thirty.

They have ST 9-12, DX 11, IQ 8 with an MA of 8. Their scaly skin stops 2 hits and they often wear armor and use weapons and shields. Qól have good vision in darkness, but they fear bright lights -- sudden intense light will stun them (-2 DX) for 2 turns. Their poisonous bite does 1d-1 damage and a 3d/ST roll is needed to avoid an additional 2d damage from the venom. They carry weapons and arrows which are poisoned with the same venom. Qól will only attack if they outnumber a group. 

Marashyálu (The Whimperer)
These creatures of the Underworld are masters of illusionary disguise. They were created by the ancients as treasure guards. They often appear as helpless women or children, or wounded comrades, crying and begging for help.

ST 20-25, DX 12, IQ 7, and an MA of 10. Their strong bodies stop 4 hits of damage. Marashyálu hypnotize their victims and are able to target all within a megahex in front of them, making them fight their comrades. All must make a 3d/IQ roll to avoid being entranced. If a Marashyálu takes its victim away to an undisturbed location, they will suck the bodily juices of the victim by inserting their feeding tube into a body opening, doing 2 hits per turn.

Meeting either of those would certainly give me nightmares. Enjoy.

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