Friday, November 2, 2012

Non-humans for TFT Tekumel

Now I've converted some of the alien non-humans for my TFT Tekumel game in a couple weeks. Here is a preview of some of my designs.

Pé Chói (The Listeners)

In the western forests of Tsolyanu live the Pé Chói, beautiful insectoids with considerable magical talents. These six-limbed beings are 6’ to 7’ tall, they have two legs and four arms, and they are capable of using all four arms at once. They have fan-shaped external ears and a long jaw. They easily join human society, rising nearly as high as humans within the bureaucratic hierarchies. Pé Chói seek revenge on those who kill their kind without provocation.
Pé Chói characters start with ST 8 DX 10 IQ 8 and 8 extra points. They have an MA of 10. Pé Chói chitin stops two hits, and they also make armor and weapons suited to their unique anatomy. Their lower set of arms are at -2 DX, and when attacking with more than two arms, all attacks are at -4 DX.

All Pé Chói can learn spells and talents at normal cost. The race’s excellent hearing and sight gives them natural Alertness. They have a psychic connection to members of their own race, which allows them to detect the death of one of their own within a 3 mile radius. Beyond that, they have an innate awareness of all living things, allowing them to perceive the presence of lifeforms within a range of 2 yards (same effects as Detect Life spell, except Pe Choi can tell the difference between animal and plant life).

Gray Ssú (Enemies of Man)

These rather shaggy, six-limbed beings are one of the native races of Tékumel, cousins to the Hlüss. These magically adept beings live in their subterranean cities north of Salarvyá. Their bodies exude the odor of musty cinnamon, they speak in high chiming voices. Needing only small blue lights, the Ssú can be found in the tunnels and installations of the ancients, looking for the remnants of old technology. 

Grey Ssú start with ST 10, DX 8, IQ 8, and 8 extra points to spend. They have an MA of 10. They rarely wear armor, but warriors will often use shields. Ssú have two arms and four legs, the front pair having crude manipulators (-2 DX) making them capable of being used as hands. They have a keen sense of direction underground, as well as good night vision. All Grey Ssú can learn spells and all talents at normal cost. Grey Ssú can hypnotize victims within five meters, making them obey metal commands (treat as a Disbelieve action -- the Ssú makes 3d/IQ roll  to succeed and the target gets a 3d/IQ roll to resist). Only the death of the commanding Ssú can free one so enthralled. Ahoggyá, Swamp Folk, and Tinalíya are immune to this effect.

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