Saturday, December 22, 2012

Star Trek TOS and Skimpy Outfits

A Google+ community I'm in is prepping to play Starships and Spacemen, a 1978 rpg published by FGU. Goblinoid Games of Labyrinth Lord fame bought the rights and crowd-funded a second edition. This game is basically a D&D clone for Star Trek TOS with the serial numbers filed off. It is also now compatible with LL.

So, I've been watching a few episodes of the original series. Netflix has them all. I haven't watched them in over a decade, so it's been fun. I noticed how many of the female outfits are very skimpy. So, I thought I'd present a few for your viewing pleasure.

Clothing of the 23rd Century (or lack thereof)

Shore Leave: Chorus girls from Rigel II

The Cage/The Menagerie: Vina as Orion slave girl

The Cloud Minders: Droxine


Mirror, Mirror: Lieutenants Moreau and Uhura
The Gamesters of Triskelion: Shahna

What Are Little Girls Made Of?: Andrea the android
A Private Little War: Nona

Whom Gods Destroy: Marta
That Which Survives: Losira

"I am for you, Sulu."


  1. Oh, the days of my youth, when these costumes were considered *** very *** 'cutting edge', risque, and positively naughty!!!

  2. IIRC it was late night viewing when it came out.