Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ta-Da! TFT Tekumel v0.3 Beta released!

Today I release my The Fantasy Trip Tekumel rules for general perusal. I've had a chance to polish this up a bit. I'm not done with layout, but the text is sound. This is version 0.3. It's been through one playtest. Please read, comment, playtest, whatever you're willing to do with it. Don't hold back negative comments. Start a conversation. Ask my why I did certain things.

You may notice a lot of spell names from Empire of the Petal Throne. As I stated when I started this project, this conversion is based on EPT first, with some holes filled by Swords and Glory.

TFT Tekumel Manuscript

This is a conversion supplying Talents and Spells, as well as some equipment, weapons, and armor. It requires the TFT rules, as well as Tekumel setting information. Since TFT is out of print, try using Heroes and Other Worlds, a new TFT-clone, or Legends of the Ancient World from Dark City Games -- a programmed adventuring system inspired by TFT.