Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random IOU Campaigns

The Illuminati University setting created by Steve Jackson Games is a strange, silly, and wonderful place. Here's how they describe it at SJG:

Illuminati University is THE best place to learn Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. With departments like Weird and Unusual Science and Engineering, Inapplicable Mathematics, Misanthropology, and Zen Surrealism . . . not to mention extracurricular activities like Democrats for Cthulhu, Moopsball, and food fights that set off nuclear alerts . . . this is college as it should have been.

Oh, and don't ask what the 'O' stands for. You're not cleared for that.

So here are a couple IOU-based campaigns.

Big Teeth on Campus

(Villians, Illuminati University, Blood Types)

An evil vampire is stalking freshthings in the dorms of the IOU campus. The Physical Re-education department takes this as an opportunity to add wooden stakes to their Rhythmic Gymnastics routine. The Victor von Frankenstein Fellow of the Anatomy department wonders what to do with vampire blood. The W.U.S.E. department starts thinking about running giant treadmills with undead 'gerbils'. Hilarity ensues.                                                       

This one is a little lame, since IOU already has resident vampires on the faculty as well as in the student body. Even if they didn't, the school is very well prepared for this kind of eventuality.

Fomorian Fortress

(The Prisoner, Celtic Myth, Illuminati University)

Students from IOU's Extradimensional Studies program travel to Mythic Ireland and are trapped in Balor's castle. Free to roam the castle, but unable to leave because of heavy enchantments, the students are questioned about why they came to the fortress. Hilarity ensues.

Yes, those crazy Fomorians are back. Here they pick on freshthings, not Texans. This campaign is imminently playable, perhaps as a one-shot at a con. As always with IOU, hilarity ensues.

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