Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reality 3D-TV

I'm performing market research for a new 3D-TV reality show I'm pitching to the networks next year. The Spinward Marches needs a new reality show. In this show, six young persons between the important market age range of 20 to 29 are sent out in a Suleiman-class scout ship to perform various missions in the sector. According to how well the crew can cooperate and compete, they win better food and more fuel to continue their travels.

This market research is investigating what mix of persons would be most entertaining to the members of the focus group. To participate in this research, please describe three personality traits and three sociological groups that would most interest you to watch on 3D-TV.

Three personality traits:

Three sociological groups:

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  1. Three Personality Traits:

    Three Social Groups:
    -Solomani nationalist
    -Vilani aristo-brat