Sunday, January 20, 2013

Random Russian Campaigns

Now off to the chilly climes of Mother Russia for a couple random campaigns.

Boris Robinhoodski

(Robin Hood, Russia, Old West)

A Russian aristocrat puts on the mask to protect the peasantry from the depredations of the Tsar.

Yes, it sounds like The Mask of Zorro. But what is Zorro but Robin Hood in the Old West. Even the GURPS Robin Hood book had several mini-campaigns in different time periods, including a cyberpunk one.

The Czarina and the Tyrannosaurus Rex

(Dinosaurs, Russia, Alternate Earths)

In this alternate Earth, dinosaurs didn't completely die out 65 million years ago. Their numbers were reduced enough for mammals to gain dominance in the ecology, but various species survived. It is now during Catherine the Great's reign, and the Russian forests have seen a spike in the local dinosaur population. Cossacks of the Czarina hunt them to protect the serfs.

Okay, the idea of these hearty fighters in their colorful garb hunting dinosaurs is just too much fun. I figure the Cossacks were the inventors of the Drinking Game. "Hey, Stenka! It's a velociraptor, not a dromeaosaur! You drink one shot!"

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