Thursday, January 24, 2013

Received this week in the mail

I ordered a few things in the mail.

Heroes and Other Worlds Blackmarsh, Cauldron #0, Isle of the Unknown, and Dyson's Delves.

Isles has a funky canvas map. I like it, but it's pretty odd. And of course Dyson's Delves, he makes really nice maps.


  1. Thanks for your support Brett!

  2. I like "Island of the Unknown" which has been really panned for it's odd monsters, and lack of rich detail. I kind of like the lack of detail. You could easily run an Ars Magica game there, or a medieval version of Over the Edge.

    I'd warn against Carcosa, by the same publisher. The odd cover material adhered to and damaged another book. In a dry room on the first floor of the house.

  3. Getting a book with this many new and unusual monsters, as well as other interesting and unusual encounters is wonderful. And the canvas map vaguely reminds me of EPT's original maps that have endured the test of time. I don't think the ink on canvas will last as long, but having a durable, non-paper maps is nice. And besides, I bought it from someone, who didn't like it, for half price.

    I dream of drawing maps like Dyson. They are beautiful and inventive. And I love that half the maps are unstocked with a page to write your own fiddly bits.

    I've talking about TFT for a long time, and Heroes and Other Worlds is the current torch-bearer of TFT's legacy. How can I not grab the Blackmarsh sandbox and the magazine?