Thursday, January 31, 2013

To Your Scattered Projects Go

I'm not sure what's happened, but apparently my game brain turned on hard. I have several game projects running right now. I think I need to focus, but I'm having difficulty. The projects that are more time urgent are not the ones that have captured my attention.

The Barker Project

This is really two projects. First is the D100 OSR game system that will be compatible with OD&D. Second is the sandbox campaign that will come out of this bit of fiction I posted yesterday. This is the project that has my thoughts captured. 


Tekumel for Heroes and Other Worlds

I want to take my TFT Tekumel rules and convert them to Heroes and Other Worlds. This is a long-term project. I'd like to eventually publish it for realz.

GURPS Tekumel

Some more progress has been made on this project that I started 20 years ago. Some of it has been published twice, once in Pyramid magazine and once in Seal of the Imperium. Now I want to finish this, especially the magic.

Con Scenarios

I'm also running two scenarios at Con of the North on February 15-17th. One is GURPS Tekumel and the other GURPS Traveller. I have characters to create for the Traveller scenario, and a few spells for GURPS Tekumel. I also need to translate 8 TFT Tekumel characters to GURPS. This is the most urgent project, and yet it is the one I think about the least. 

All of these are ongoing while I do my taxes, as well as my Dad's, and run the house and go to work every day. Whew! No wonder I'm beat!


  1. I recently picked up print copies of HAOW and Cauldron based upon your reviews. Thx. Howard

  2. Having been curious about Tekumel (and TFT!) for years, I have now dived deep into it. I'm very interested in where you take the GURPS and TFT Tekumel conversions.

    1. The TFT conversion is pretty simple, since it's coming from EPT. The GURPS conversion is more complex, in keeping with GURPS' greater complexity. Look them both over and see what you think.

    2. I've long been curious about Tekumel, and TFT in fact. EPT so often seem to be a very odd fit for Tekumel, but I think I now have some grasp on both.

      GURPS is something I have given up on. It's just to fiddly for my taste. But, looking at your conversions, I dream of a TFT based Tekumel, with some of the extras from the GURPS conversation, mostly stuff about status and ranks. That would be a potentially very cool mix.

  3. I'm looking at the magazine articles on TFT (Space Gamer and such), where SJ started to add advantages and disadvantages, among other things. I'm going to make a modified TFT Tekumel adding those things too.

    1. Sounds quite interesting. Considering I have this Eye in my feed reader, I'm sitting back waiting your finds.

      ...not that I wont be tinkering myself in the weeks ahead! :)

  4. So, I finished my con scenarios, and I ran one of them (the GURPS Traveller scenario had no takers). Now I need to put those scenarios into publishable format.