Thursday, April 25, 2013

Minimalist Magic-User for EPT

So I was going through EPT the other day, and I noticed something interesting. There are no minimum requirements for professions. So I thought I would present the minimum Magic User character. Let's call her Hlamesha.

Hlamesha the Minimalist Magic-User

Psychic Ability:21

So what can this sorcerer do? They can cast spells up to Group I at normal success chances. If she had Intelligence 21, she could cast Group II spells.

We could make this character a little more playable by giving her some average talents. And one above average talent. If we make her abysmal Intelligence a 16, then she just has to survive to go up enough levels that she can raise her INT by 5.

Hlamesha the Not-Quite-So-Minimalist Magic-User

Psychic Ability:21

Even with this horrid start for a sorcerer, she can still cast some cool stuff.

First off, the professional skills of the Magic User are all available: Control of Self, Illusion, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, Astrology, Medium, Nature Control, Necromancy, Control Underworld Creatures, and The Grey Hand.

Not bad at all. Illusion, Clairvoyance, and Control Underworld Creatures are stalwarts of underworld adventurer's toolbox. In later games after EPT, The Grey Hand is one of the Temple spells of  Wuru, one of the most powerful combat spells available. The only problem with it is that you have to touch the victim. It's a Save or Die™, turning you into a pile of ash if you fail. And you can control undead and temporarily raise the dead as zombies. Sweet!

Now for Group I spells: Calm, Create Food and Drink, Creatures I, Curse/Bless, Disbelieve and Dispel, Dispel Evil/Good, Door Control, Fear, Heal Minor Wounds, Levitate, Light, Locate Gold and Gems, Locate Objects, Madness, Plague, Protection from Evil/Good, Shadows, and Seeing Other Planes.

With this set, you can wander the underworld without need for rations, you can summon d3 one-hit die creatures to fight for you, you can dispel illusions, open doors, heal wounds, create light, find cash, find nexus points, and have some nasty attack spells (Madness and Plague).

That's a very workable set of spells, and therefore a playable character. I'd take Hlamesha down under Jakalla. So, next time you roll a shitty character, consider becoming a Magic-User. You might find that you are able to survive longer than you think.

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