Saturday, April 20, 2013

While you were sleeping

You have just finished a weird and bizarre escapade, and you are bone tired. You pour yourself into bed (or into a dark corner of the room or hallway) and fall deeply asleep. What do you find when you wake up? For more, look here.

Roll d10

  1. Someone drew a mustache on your face.
  2. Something stole all your clothes.
  3. You wake up outdoors, curled around a cute elf of your sexual preference.
  4. A short greenish-tinted man is sitting near you with an expectant look on his face.
  5. A young girl runs into the room, yelling, "Help! Save me!"
  6. You've been abducted by aliens/slavers.
  7. A large gift-wrapped box is in the middle of the room.
  8. You find yourself in a sumptuously appointed apartment, seemingly from another area and culture. You are waited on hand and foot by beautiful mechanical servants. 
  9. An ugly, mean-looking dog is watching you. He growls when you try to move.
  10. A happy puppy is licking your face.

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